Tuesday, January 30, 2007

School Bag

Tuesday, January thirtieth, two thousand and seven

My 6-year-old daughter is a kindergarten student now and going to enter an elementary school this spring. So we have to prepare a lot of things for that these days, for instance, buying a desk and some school uniforms. Today my father-in-law presented her a school bag, actually. She has gone nuts over the cute bag, she can't help but try to shoulder it tonight as the following picture, in spite of she is wearing her pajamas.

my daughter with her school bag
By the way, I might have caught a cold, because I have a terrible runny nose now. Let me go to bed as soon as I post this diary.

go nuts over something: ~に首ったけになる、~がすっかり気に入る


Anonymous said...


oh!! she is cuuuuuute!!
she wana enter elementaly school?
she just wana shoulder her back?

and your surippa,,,, hahaha


plow7010 said...

Hey osarunomonkichi,

Yeah, she's so cute as you say. I think you must have been as cute as my daughter is when you were her age. Of course, I know you are still cute now. :) Her cute behavior makes me feel better.