Saturday, January 06, 2007

How Long...

Saturday, January sixth, two thousands and seven

I decided to write my English diary everyday last year as my new year's resolution. But, I wasn't able to do that for sure as you can find it on this blog space.
How long will I be able to go on writing my English diary this year...?

Actually, I've just got back home from work... I'm super tired...I had to work thirteen hours today... In spite of I'm really exhausted now, I'm going to take some English lessons tomorrow. But I expect that pleasant English conversations and nice English teachers in the school make me refresh. Let me drink alcohol from now! I wonder how long it takes to finish drinking today? :)


Anonymous said...


u r great!! cz you almost write English blog. In my case , im writing english blog in myspace nowdays cz i have time now. However after start my work, i dont have confidence keep write the blog. U almost write everyday in spite of super tired. Therefore, u r wonderful!

im gona leave tomorrow night.



plow7010 said...

Hey osaru no monkichi,

You're great, too. I want to make writing English diary my habit, actually.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the English school!

makiko said...

Hi, Pro.
You've started writing mixi diary again. But, I will keep reading your blog space in English because I can get information in English and useful English phrases.

plow7010 said...

Hey Makiko,
I'm glad to hear that. If you want to read blogs, it's convenient to surf on the net by RSS reader - such as "goo RSS reader", my favorite RSS reader. The latest version of IE and Firefox also have the function of RSS reader, maybe.