Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad Cold and Drug

Wednesday, January thirty first, two thousand and seven

I must have a bad cold. In fact, I have a runny nose and cough very often today.
When you have a cold, how do you take care of yourself? In my case, I have a lot of Japanese sake whenever I have a cold in order to have a good and long sleep. In my opinion, there are no more effective medicines than alcohol against colds. :) In Japan, there's a nice proverb, actually - "Sake is the chief of all medicine.(酒は百薬の長 sake wa hyakuyaku no cyo)" I will get better soon thanks to a huge amount of Japanese sake I had tonight.

To change the subject, I take English lessons at the most famous English school in Japan as you know. Today some English teachers who work for the school have been arrested for having drug in Tokyo! What a stupid guys! Let me ask my teachers later if they know the news.

Ahh.. I could keep writing my English diary for a month somehow.

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