Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Play Guitar

Wednesday, January seventeenth, two thousands and seven

Recently I've reviewed all the lessons I've taken in the English school I usually go to on Saturdays. An English sentence in a lesson looked strange to me. The lesson was the one that I took more than one year ago and that practices talking about abilities, but I didn't remember the sentence. That one is "Would you like to learn how to play guitar?"

As a junior high school student or high school student, teachers taught us that an article "the" is necessary when we mention musical instruments as far as I remember. For instance, "I like playing the piano." But the sentence in the lesson doesn't have "the", that's why I was confused when I was reviewing the lesson. After a while, I realized the reason there are no articles in the sentence. When we play musical instruments, those are nearby. So, we can mention "the" musical instruments. But in this case, "Would you like to learn how to play guitar?", you don't necessarily need musical instruments nearby when you learn how to play them - such as when reading music. I guess that' why there isn't an article "the" in the sentence.

read music: 楽譜を読む


huyuko said...

How do you do ? I am Huyuko.
You are very studious. I happened to find your blog and was inspired to keep a diary in the beginning of this year.

plow7010 said...

Hello huyuko,
Thank you for your comment. I'm not studious that much, actually. Can I ask you how you found my blog?

huyuko said...

Hello, Plow
I put the word of "English Diary" in Google search engine and I could easily find your blog. Yours is near the top of the list. I never fail to read your blog every day. I'll do my best to keep a diary throughout this year, but I can be a person who cannot stick to anything.

plow7010 said...

Wow! Good to know, huyuko! My blog comes up as the no.1 site! Thank you! I'm soooooooooooooo impressed!