Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ISP(ZAQ) in Trouble

I tried to surf the Internet this morning when the network environment seemed to be in a bad condition. I wasn't able to even email my friends! Holy cow! The problem must have been caused by my Internet service provider, ZAQ, or heavy traffic because of this Christmas season. I have no choice but to study English with books at that time. (>_<) I might have been lucky to have concentrated on the study though. :D However, I wasted some spare time to find out the cause anyway.

Speaking of lost time, I saw an interesting remark the other day.

"Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever."

That's exactly true! Give the time back to me!

今朝、インターネットを使おうとしたら、どうもネットワーク環境がおかしい。電子メールを送ることさえできない。なんてこったい・・・OTL このトラブルは、私が加入しているZAQというISPによるものか、クリスマスシーズンによって引き起こされたに違いない。仕方がないので本で英語を勉強するしかなかった。(>_<) 勉強に集中できてラッキーだったかもしれないけどね。(^^♪ でも、原因を解明するのに、少し時間を無駄にしてしまった。




Monday, December 24, 2007

New Printer

my new printer

When I was trying to print out some bills three days ago to send my customers after having made them with EXCEL, my printer didn't work! What a shitty machine! Actually I bought it 10 years ago or so, I couldn't help but to get a new one as soon as possible, because I had to print out not only the bills but also new year's greeting cards.

After I took some English lessons at NOVA two days ago, I went to an appliance store near the English school, whose name is Yamada Denki, to buy a new printer. I was going to buy a simple functional one at first, but I've gotten a high-spec machine against my will. (^_^; Because that one was so cheaper than I had expected in spite of high capabilities. It can work as not only a printer for computers but also a color copy machine. Besides, it can print out photographs from SD cards independently, I mean, without turning my PC on. Plus, I got a bunch of free photo paper then. I must have made a great buy! :D Actually, one of the lessons I took at NOVA before I bought the printer was how to negotiate in English when buying something. What a coincidence! (^^)


二日前、NOVAでレッスンを受けた後、新しいプリンタを買いに、NOVAの近くの『ヤマダ電機』という電気店に行きました。最初は、単純な機能のものを買うつもりだったのだが、意志に反して高機能のものを買ってしまった。(^^♪ そのプリンタは、高機能にも関わらず、予想よりもはるかに安くかったから。そのプリンタは、コンピュータのプリンタとしてだけではなくて、カラーコピー機としても使える。さらに、SDカードから写真を単独で印刷できる、つまり、パソコンの電源を入れなくても、ということ。また、無料の写真プリント用紙を沢山もらった。いい買い物をしたなぁ。(^^♪ 実は、その買い物の前にNOVAで受けたレッスンの一つは、買い物のときの交渉に関する英会話だった。なんという偶然。(笑)

Friday, December 14, 2007

It Hurts!

The day before yesterday I cut myself in my factory actually....
My left middle finger started bleeding terribly, when I was trying to cut an old carpet to be recycled with my big sharp scissors, which is a special handmade one for textile workers. I didn't realize what happened to me at first because of my too busy job. After a few seconds, I found out I had cut the skin and flesh off with the shear(big scissor). X( I lost at least 100ml blood but I think I was very lucky.
As a matter of fact, the scissor can cut human fingers easily, that's to say, my middle finger fortunately wasn't taken off in the accident. Besides, letting my blood off made me feel comfortable because I haven't donate my blood for more than one year. Actually, blood donation is a kind of my hobby although you think I'm strange... haha. I often have a stiff neck but I don't feel it after blood donation, that's why I like letting my blood off. I guess my blood circulation will become much smoother by losing some amount of the blood. Thanks for the good fortune! How lucky I am! :D

リサイクル用のカーペットを大きなハサミ(特別な手製のもので、繊維関係の仕事用)で切ろうとしてしたとき、突然左手の中指がひどく出血。忙しい最中だったので、最初は何が起こったのか気付かなかった・・・数秒後、皮を肉がえぐり取られたいたのに気付いた。(>_<) 少なくとも、100mlくらい出血したけど、とても幸運だったと思う。
実は、そのハサミは、人間の指を簡単に切断できるのである。つまり、私の中指は幸運にも、切断されることはなかったのです。さらに、出血することで、とても心地よいフィーリングがした。なぜなら、1年以上献血に行っていないから。実は、献血は私の趣味みたいなものなんですね、皆さんは変に思うかもしれないけど。(笑) よく肩がこるのですけど、献血の後は肩がこらないんです。だから、血を抜いてもらうのが好きなんですねぇ。私が推測するに、多少の血を抜くことで、血液の流れが良くなるのでしょう。幸運に感謝!俺ってついてるなぁ。(^^ゞ

my left middle finger's injury

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lessons at New NOVA

This morning I took a couple of English lessons at NOVA for the first time in about two months. As of now, the school doesn't have so many students because almost all old NOVA's student have to take an interview to renew their contracts actually. However, so many old student came to the branch at once, so it's quite tough for the staff to deal with such a large number of customers at a time. So they have to make a reservation to take their interviews. In my case, I went there on the first day and it wasn't so crowded there, therefore I was able to take an interview as soon as I got there. How lucky I am!
One of the lesson I took today is how to make a speech(propose a toast) with a nice Japanese lady. :D And the other is luckily one-on-one lesson, so I asked the teacher to give me a ZONE-F lesson if he doesn't mind. Actually I can take only ZONE-G lessons because of my level(level-3), but I was eager to take an easier lesson as I wanted to review old lessons I've taken before through real lessons. The teacher was surprisingly from the place IRON MAIDEN was born in! We both had a great time through a lesson about important status symbols for some kinds of people-such as young guys, high money earners, retirees. After the lesson, I asked him whether or not he gave me a recommendation for becoming a level-3 student if I had been a level-4 student. He replied to me like, "Why not? You are a real level-3 student." Can I have a strong confidence?:D

今日受けたレッスンのうちの一つは、スピーチの仕方(乾杯の音頭)で、素敵な日本人女性と一緒でした。(^^ゞ もう一つは、ラッキーマンツーマンだったので、先生に、もしかまわないなら、ZONE-Fのレッスンをしてくれないか?と頼みました。私は今はレベル3なので、ZONE-Gのレッスンしか受けられないのですが、以前に受けたレッスンを、実際のレッスンを通して復習したかったんです。驚くべきことに、その先生はIRON MAIDENが誕生した町の出身でした。私たちは、ステータスシンボルについてのレッスン(たとえば、若い人たちにとって重要なもの、お金を沢山稼ぐ人、定年退職した人など)を通して、楽しい時間を持てました。レッスンの後、その先生に『もし、私がレベル4の生徒だったら、レベルアップの推薦状をくれますか?』と質問したら・・・『もちろん!君は本当のレベル3だよ』と言ってくれました。俺・・・強い自信を持っていいのかな?(^^ゞ


Saturday, December 08, 2007

PC Broken!

Saturday, December eighth, two thousand and seven

My desktop PC has broken down.... The PC wasn't powered on right after I installed 1 Gbps LAN card in it. Actually, I ordered a high-speed Intenet connection service the other day. Today I tried to get much speed by installing the LAN adapter and a special-spec cable. However, the try backfired on myself. X(
The PC maker offers me free fix service, but apparently it takes one week or so to fix the power supply unit.
Therefore, I have no choice but to use my old laptop, whose OS is Windows98, for a while. Surfing the Internet with junk PC is totally too slow and drives me bannas!



Friday, December 07, 2007

Funny Proverb

Friday, December seventh, two thousand and seven

An interesting saying made me laugh the other day. That was said by Anton Chekhov, a Russian author.

"If you are afraid of loneliness do not marry."

Haha-! Could be true. That's exactly why I often go out to get together with my friends, including young ladies and native English speakers. :p
Speaking of get-together, we are having the year-end party(bounenkai) on the fifteenth at the Japanese style bar(izakaya) managed by my second cousin in Sennan city actually. I invited some friends, including native English speakers and Japanese nice ladies to the party. :D In Japan, it's kind of tradition to have bounenkai in December in order to forget all bad things they had that year and think about happy things they will be able to have next year. That's why the kanji of "bounenkai" consists of "to forget", "year", and "party." Anyway, as of now, three Americans, two Australians, one New Zealander and one British person are coming to the party. Let me paint the town red with the crazy guys. :D




ぎゃははははははは _(_ _)ノ彡☆ばんばん! そうかもしれない。だから、ワシって、しばしば友達と集まるために外出するんやね、もちろん、若い女性と英語のネイティヴスピーカー達と一緒に。(^_^;

Monday, December 03, 2007

Level Check & Fat Pig

Saturday, December third, two thousand and seven

I took a level-check test yesterday at a new NOVA's branch, which reopened two weeks ago in front of JR Higashi Kishiwada station. Actually, I'd like to review old lessons I've taken before as a level-5 and level-4 student through real lessons, so I wanted to let my level down, from 3 to 4 or 5. That's why I took the check although I don't necessarily have to take it.
The teacher who checked my skills were an Australian teacher and used to be a teacher of mine when I belonged to old Kishiwada NOVA school. He knows my level.... It's meaningless to check my skills because he knows my real abilities very much. Plus I wasn't able to pretend like a level-4 or 5 student. X( Of course, he assessed my capabilities as high. After all I'm going to take level-3 lessons(ZONE-G) from next week.

To change the subject, a unique phrase, "fat cat", made me laugh actually. My dictionary says that it means "someone who has too much money, especially someone who is paid too much for their job - used in order to show disapproval." In Japan, they say "fat pig" as the same meaning expression. And also they say "to give cats money" or "to give pigs pearls" as "to waste assets." The former NOVA president, stupid Sahashi, was totally a fat cat or a dead duck. According to my dictionary, "a dead duck" means that a plan, idea etc that is not worth considering because it is very likely to fail. I guess the meaning sounds like useless and needless stuff. I don't know whether or not my guess is correct though.


昨日、新しいNOVAの支店(JR東岸和田駅前に再オープンしたところ)でレベルチェックテストを受けました。実は、実際のレッスンを通して、レベル4または5のときに受けたレッスンを復習したいんです・・・そのためにレベルを落としてもらいたかった。(3から、4または5) だから、レベルチェックを受けたのです。必ずしもレベルチェックを受ける必要はないのですが・・・
レベルチェックをしてくれた先生は、オーストラリア人の先生で、かつて私が所属していた旧NOVA岸和田校の先生でした。彼は、私のレベルを知ってるやん・・・・チェックする意味が無い・・・だって、彼は私の能力をよく知っているから。そして、私はレベル4か5の生徒の振りをすることができなかった。(>_<) もちろん、彼は私の能力を高く評価してくれたので、結局、来週からレベル3のレッスン(ZONE-G)を受ける予定。

話は変わって、面白いフレーズ"fat cat(太った猫)"を見て、笑ってしまいました。私の辞書によると、その意味は、『有り余る金を持っている、特に多すぎる給料を持っている人。不満を表すために使われる』ということらしい。日本では、『太ったブタ』が同じ意味の表現にあたります。そして、また、日本では、『猫に小判』『豚に真珠』というのは、『財産を無駄にする』という意味になります。前のNOVAの社長『アホの猿橋』は、まさに"fat cat"もしくは、"dead duck"ですね。私の辞書によれば、"dead duck"というのは、『考慮するの価値の無い計画、アイデアなど。なぜなら、おそらく失敗しそうだから。』私の推測では、役に立たないとか、不必要なモノといった意味のような感じがします。私の推測が正しいかどうかわかりませんが・・・。