Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Last Day of Winter Holidays

Thursday, January fourth, two thousands ands seven

The end of my winter holidays is around the corner. After this holidays, I expect that we will have been constantly on the go at work till the end of this March, but it's my pleasure to be able to work hard. Because we didn't have sufficient materials to recycle last year in spite of our efforts, we wasn't able to live up to our customers' expectations enough. However, now that we have tons of stuff in our warehouses, we'll be able to manufacture a huge amount of recycled chemical fiber and make lots of money as well. hehe.

Anyway, let me enjoy myself the last day of winter holidays.

something is(are) around the corner: ~は、もうじきだ、間近だ
be [always, constantly] on the go: 働き詰めである、忙しい
live up to something: ~(期待)に応える


Anonymous said...

The last day of my present age.

GOSH!!!!! my birthday come soon.
i dont like birthday. getting older.

and you'll start work on my B.D.

osaruno monkichi

plow7010 said...

Ah... I know your birthday is coming soon, but you're still much younger than me. I'm getting old next week, too. 44.....(ToT)