Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sea Bathing Nearby

Tuesday, August fourteenth, two thousand and seven

I took my third son and daughter to the beach near my house to swim in the sea. Because my wife-in-law(^^) and eldest son refused to go there together, I had to take care of the two kids alone. X(

Let me upload two pictures I took at the beach.

swimming in the sea close to KIX
swimming in the sea close to KIX

You can see Kansai international airport, where the second runway has just come into operation, behind my kids in the first photo. In the second one, you can see a big shopping mall in the back. Actually, I used to be a student of the NOVA's branch in the mall.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Watching DVD with my kids

Saturday, August eleventh, two thousand and seven

Last night my eldest son and third son asked me like, "Dad, we would like to watch the DVD you often watch!" I didn't understand what DVD they want to watch at first, actually.
No way! Adult DVDs????? NO! Honestly, I DON'T have such a kind of DVDs!
They went on like, "Rio... whatchamacallit...."
I realized what DVD they had mentioned; that is to say, they wanted to watch the DVD that is called "Rock in RIO" and that is presented by IRON MAIDEN.
Like father, like son! They seem to like the DVD. Generally, IRON MAIDEN is categorized as "Heavy Metal"; in fact, they are still one of the greatest British heavy metal band.
I recommend watching the DVD to anyone who usually doesn't listen to heavy metal. Whenever watching the content, I don't think they are older than me through the energetic performance. There are some melodious numbers; on the other hand, they are sometimes excited with the Brazilian audience. In my case, I MUST watch the DVD at least once a week. :)