Saturday, January 20, 2007

Got Recommendation to Level Up!

Saturday, January twentieth, two thousand and seven

recommendation to leve upThis morning I took a couple of English lessons as usual, even though I was pretty tired because I had to work thirteen hours yesterday. After the lessons, a teacher gave me a recommendation to become a level-3 student. I may be able to increase the level of my English at the English school. But, of course, I have to take a level-up test to be such a high level student. However, I've been really worried about my poor skills, especially my vocabulary is as poor as my real life. In fact, some level-3 students who I sometimes talk with in free conversation classes tend to have excellent vocabularies. Besides, I often make some mistakes in my English, and I'm often confused how I should say in many situations as well. Anyway let me take the test a few weeks later, I don't have the confidence to pass it, though. I wish I were an American, actually, because they can do anything as a witty remark say. :)
"An American believes more than anything else in the last four letters of that title: I can"
アメリカ人は何よりもその呼称の最後の4文字(ican = I can)を信じる。私にはできる、という。


jd said...

Hi Plow,

I'm very proud of you... kanpai!!!


plow7010 said...

Hey jd,
Thank you so much! Let me drink a huge amount of beer tonight!
乾杯(^O^)/C□☆□D\(^_^ )!