Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm No.1 in World

Friday, January nineteenth, two thousand and seven

I'm no.1I've just known the fact that I'm the number one blogger in the world! (^o^) When you google with this keyword "english diary", my blog comes up as the number one site! Amazing!

Thanks for your insight, huyuko!


huyuko said...

Hi, Plow.
You're welcome. I'd like to write English sentences fluently and vividly like you someday.

Shay said...

That's great! Congratulations on being #1! plow7010のブログが一番英語日記!がんばって!

makiko said...

Hi, Pro. Wow, great! Did you use the Search Engine Optimization? Your blog space is quite popular lately. I saw lots of new comers' comments on your blog entries. Keep it up.

plow7010 said...

Hi huyuko,
Like me? I can neither speak nor write English that much. Anyway, I'm really lucky! :)

plow7010 said...

Hi shay,
Yeah! Thanks a lot!がんばります!(^^♪ Let me keep going!

plow7010 said...

Hi makiko,
This resuly is really amazing, isn't it? No, I've never used SEO techiniques on my blog space before. Thanks!