Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad Decision

Wednesday, November twenty ninth, two thousands and six

It's comparatively warm for this time of year, so I often break a lot of sweat in my factory. The strange weather must be caused by the global warming. I'm really anxious about the planet's future, so I hope our industry can help it from my heart.

Anyway, I've been pressed for time lately because of our busy season. There were some irritating things yesterday, so I had some cigarettes for the first time in three months. I know it's a terrible decision, but I was able to cool down after that.
On second thought, I'm not going to get addicted to smoking again, but sometimes it might be necessary to smoke once in a while, in order not to get stressed out. However, I'll never have any cigarettes in front of my children because I don't want them to have nicotine addiction. I won't smoke again unless my job is killing me. :) I'm really exhausted... Could someone help me?

To change the subject, I've just decided to take more time to review all of the English lessons I've taken before. I won't be able to have the time to take English lessons until I finish the brushup sufficiently.

for this time of year: この時期にしては
be anxious about something: ~を心配する
be pressed for time: 時間に追われている、忙しい
for the first time in three months: 3ヶ月振りに
On second thought: 考え直した結果
get addicted to something: ~の中毒になる
sufficiently: [adverb]十分に

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Event and Phrases

Sunday, November twenty sixth, two thousands and six

My wife asked me to take two of our kids somewhere to make our eldest son concentrate on his study this afternoon. Actually, he has to take the final exam(term-end examination) that is going to be carried out next week. When it comes to our children's tests, my wife become the most education-minded mother on the planet. :-p

Anyway I had to take them somewhere, so I went see the International exchange event, that is held in Rinku Town, a town which is very close to Kansai international airport, at this time of the year, with my third son and daughter. Plus we got together with an Australian friend of mine there. There were so many foreigners in the event place that I had to speak a hundred languages. :)

After I got back home, I saw a couple of interesting English phrases on the email newsletters that I often read on my cell phone. Let me introduce them to you.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterward.

Marriage halves our griefs, doubles our joys, and quadruples our expenses.

Very funny! But exactly true! Sounds fascinating! I'm so curious about such interesting and useful English phrases, actually. As for me, I'm often said "Act your age! You're more trouble than a child!" over and over again by my master, who is what is called my wife..... haha.

concentrate on something: ~に集中する
when it comes to something: ~のこととなると、
at this time of the year: 毎年この時期に
afterward: [adverb]後で
halve one's grief(s) : 苦悩を半分にする
quadruple one's expense(s): 出費を4倍にする
fascinating: とても面白い、興味をそそる
be curious about something: ~について知りたがっている
As for me ....: 私といえば...
Act your age.: 歳相応の振る舞いをしなさい!
be more trouble than a child: 子供より手がかかる
over and over again = many times(???)
what is called something: いわゆる~

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Governor of California

Saturday, November twenty fifth, two thousands and six

I took some English lessons today as usual. There were some American teachers who are from California, so they tried to have some special topics related to the state. The most interesting word for me was "Governator". It means the governor of the state, who has just been reelected lately and used to be a very famous action movie star as well. I laughed out loud to hear the word as well as the other students in the lesson room. ROFL

If you don't understand what the word "Governator" means, I recommend you to click here. I bet the web page is very helpful for you. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving and Go on Diet

Thursday, November twenty third, two thousands and six

Today, November 23rd, is 'Labor Thanksgiving Day' in Japan. It sounds similar to 'Thanksgiving' in the USA.
According to some web sites, 'Labor Thanksgiving Day' was established as a national holiday to spread the importance of labor in our minds, appreciate all workers, show respect for labor. And also, this day used to be called 'Niinamesai' or 'Harvest Festival' until the end of World War Two. New crops, such as rice and sake, were offered to Amaterasu-Ohmikami, the Goddess of Sun, and the other Shinto gods with gratitude by the Emperor while he eats and drinks. This tradition became standard in the 7th century and is still performed in the Imperial House.

As for me, I wasn't honored by any family members of mine today, though. (ToT)

To change the subject, it has been about three months since I quit smoking and I have gained weight like most people who quit smoking. My body weight was 65 kilograms before I quit it; however, the current one is 71 kilo!!!!!! Hoooooooooly Coooooooow!!!!! Hell's bells! Darn it! Damn it! I've just decide to go on a diet for real! Let me become a nice middle. :)

establish = become standard (maybe...)
Labor Thanksgiving Day: 勤労感謝の日
do something with gratitude: 感謝を込めて、do something
the Imperial House: 皇室
honor(verb) someone = show respect for someone (perhaps...)
To change the subject: 話は変わりますけど・・・
like most people who did something: ~した人のほとんどがそうであるように・・・
Holy Cow!!!!! Hell's bells! Darn it! Damn it!: なんてこった。(Damn itは、rudeらしい。)
for real : seriously(真剣に)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Return Home, Good Business

Saturday, November eighteenth, two thousands and six

The business trip I had from the day before yesterday to yesterday extremely wore me out! I got back to home from Tokyo in the midnight of yesterday, so I'm really exhausted now. But on the other hand our factory has just got a good customer in Tochigi prefecture. A couple of months ago he sent me an email and asked me to sell our products, recycled chemical fibers, at a high price. I'm so lucky! :) I can't work too hard!

Actually, I hadn't thought we had got any customer in Kantou region, eastern Japan, because our company is located in Kansai region, western Japan. I mean, the shipping cost(transport cost) is so expensive that we hadn't thought we had been able to meet their demands in costs. But there aren't sufficient recycled chemical fibers in Japan due to China making a corner in oil-related products. That's why they want to buy our products even though it costs a lot of money.

something wear someone out: someoneをひどく疲れさせる
can't work too hard: 働き過ぎることはできない。-> いくら一生懸命働いても、働きすぎということはない。
shipping cost(transport cost): 運搬費
meet someone's demands in costs: 価格面において、someoneの要求に応える
sufficient: 十分な(enough)
make a corner in ~: ~を買い占める
it costs a lot of money: 金がかかる。経費がとてもかかる。

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Schedule killing me

Thursday, November sixteenth, two thousands and six

I'm going to leave for Tokyo tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to get on the Shinkansen which departs from Shin-Osaka around 7 am. And I MUST visit three companies during the business trip, which are respectively located in Tochigi prefecture, Ibaragi prefecture and Gunma prefecture. I expect to get home in the midnight of the day after tomorrow.... The schedule is killing me! Hell's bells!

respectively: それぞれ
Hell's bells!: なんてこった!畜生!(アメリカ・口語)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SoftBank would Lose

Wednesday, November Fifteenth, two thousands and six

I've heard of a lot of news related to new businesses of an information-technology industry giant lately. The company is famous for software supply and managing a famous portal web site, Yahoo Japan, and also has a professional baseball team in Fukuoka prefecture.

The organization has started some new projects in networking service category recently.

One of them is cell-phone service that was set up by the acquisition of vodafone's subsidiary. Actually, the number portability system has just started in Japan though a little too late. The cell-phone service provided by SoftBank seemed to get a number of new customers on its new cheap fee structure at first, but they caused a serious accident on their network system built for contract of the service.

In addition, they launched a social networking web site in Japan, a Japanese edition of Myspace, by tie-up with News Corp. In Japan, mixi is the most popular, famous, and multifunctional SNS, so I personally think the Japanese version won't succeed even though Myspace is the most largest SNS service in the world. The reason? It's very easy. Anyone who works in IT industry is expected to know why I think so.

acquisition: 買収
subsidiary: 子会社
though a little too late: 遅まきながら
a number of: 大量の(many)
tie-up with: ~との提携
be expected to:~するはずだ、 ~すると期待される

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Phone Die

Tuesday, November fourteenth, two thousands and six

When I was working in my factory yesterday, I tried to check whether there were emails from our customers or not by cell-phone. But it didn't work! The cell phone did give up the ghost out of the blue! The terminal had a huge amount of information, actually. For instance, phone books, email address books, my schedule, my to-do list, bookmarks, and received email news letters for English study.... Of course I went to a cell-phone retailer in my city as soon as I got through the day's work. According to a clerk, it might need two weeks to fix it completely. Since I must make a business trip to Tokyo this weekend as I've posted an article on this blog space before, it wasn't not acceptable even though the repair charge was free... I mean, I can't make it without the data in the handset.

After all, I bought a new cell-phone and asked the salesperson to copy as much data as possible to the new portable device. The cost of this purchase was about 10,000 yen. (ToT) However, I'm lucky to get a new machine because the input method of English is more convenient than that of my old one.

give up the ghost: 死ぬ、壊れる(=die)
out of the blue: (=suddenly) 晴天のへきれき?
get through: finish
acceptable[adjective]: 受け入れることができる

Monday, November 13, 2006

Enjoyable Local Festa

Monday, November thirteenth, two thousands and six

the opening of the festaA community event was held in the junior high school that my eldest son belongs to yesterday. The event is called 'The communion of heart with heart in Torihiga junior high school's network'. (Torihiga is the abbreviation of the school's name.)

I went see the event with my family. There were much more stalls and games than I had expected. This event is held at this time of the year by staff of dozens people who work for the junior high school, the elementary schools or kindergartens near the junior high school. Most of the students who attend the elementary schools or kindergartens are to go to the junior high school in the future. Of course my 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter will go there someday.
Talking of my daughter, she took part in the opening ceremony as a member of the dancing and singing team. I took some videos of their performance. Let me show you them on this blog space. Must be cute. :) The last song is a song that is originally presented by 'Bay City Rollers' a long time ago, if my memory serves me right.

communion of heart with heart: 心と心のふれあい(According to 英辞郎)
stall: 露店、売店、屋台
at this time of the year: 毎年この時期に
staff of dozens people: 数十名の職員
are to go to the junior high school: その中学校に行くことになる
Talking of: ~と言えば(=Speaking of)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thief Sneaks into My House

Sunday, November twelfth, two thousands and six

Yesterday I took some English free-conversation lessons at the NOVA's branch where I often go on Saturday. At first there were two other students in the room, both of who are nice ladies. :) I'm so lucky! hehe. However, after we took 2 classes, they left for home to prepare dinner. Apparently, the women are homemakers. After all, I had to take the remaining terms alone. How lucky I am! :) I was able to talk a lot with native-English-speaker teachers one-on-one! On the other hand, I got tired and felt a comfortable headache, though. So I hit the sack as soon as I was through eating dinner last night.

I actually expected to visit another big branch located a little far away from my house and go for a drink after the lessons on the day. But I couldn't do that due to fear of the dark. Last week a thief tried to come into my house but the security alarm I implemented myself last year detected him or her and rang loud. And then, the stealer escaped somewhere in surprise. Two days later, I heard from a neighbor of mine that somebody got into a small community hall very close to my house. I thought that my city isn't so safe nowadays. I live with my parents but they have been taking a trip since two days ago. I mean, there are no adult men in my house when I'm out. Therefore I had to get home before getting dark yesterday. That's why I took the English lessons at the usual place near my house.

sneak into: 忍び込む
homemaker: housewife or househusband
hit the sack: go to sleep
in surprise: 驚いて

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Business Trip to Tokyo

Saturday, November eleventh, two thousands and six

Some people emailed me last month after they took a look at my factory's web site. Apparently, they googled with a technical word related to recycling industry. In fact, the web site I made myself comes up as the No.1 site anytime you google with the keyword in Japanese. Since I used to be a computer system engineer, I implemented SEO in the site. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and means a kind of techniques so that web sites are ranked in the upper levels of Search Engine sites - such as Google, Yahoo.

Anyway, the people who contacted me on the Internet last month have just become our customers and want to buy lots of our products at high prices as well! We've got a couple of great business partners! So I decided to make a business trip to Tokyo next Friday(November 17th) to go and see them. Besides, I'm planning to go for a drink with some of my friends who live in Tokyo after the visiting.

I'm super lucky to get new customers and be able to have a reunion with my friends as well! :)

optimization: 最適化
implement: 実施する、実装する
so that: ~するために、~するように
buy something at a high price: 高価でsomethingを買う
as well: おまけに、その上
have a reunion with: ~と再会する

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The global warming

Wednesday, November eighth two thousands and six

Since my factory belongs to recycling industry, it's sort of my responsibility to watch the status of the global environment - especially the global warming. According to The World Meteorological Organization(WMO), the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - such as carbon dioxide, reached a record high last year. And an environmental research is warning that the amount of Australian wine production would come down by 40% in 2050 and most products of the sea might go extinct in near future. In addition, a Japanese newspaper announces that Japan won't achieve the aim of Kyoto protocol if nothing is done.

It's autumn(fall) in Japan now but it's comparatively warm for the season. I bet the global warming causes the recent strange climate. Besides, a neighbor big country has been manufacturing tons of industrial products without any green actions and brought about environmental pollution. According to my book, it's not acceptable to export chemical recycling materials to such a silly nation, which is called "world factory". :-p I personally think Japan should trade with the nation on the condition that they equalize the exchange rate.

WMO: 世界気象機関
carbon dioxide: 二酸化炭素
products of the sea: 海の幸
go extinct: 絶滅する
if nothing is done: このままでは
comparatively: 比較的
climate: 気候
green action: 環境対策
bring about: 引き起こす(cause)
According to my book: 私の意見としては
on the condition that: ~という条件で
equalize: 平等にする

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, November seventh, two thousands and six

Today is my eldest son's thirteenth birthday. Actually, he is an ADHD child. ADHD stands for 'attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder'. What a difficult technical word! In Japanese, the disorder is called "注意欠陥過活動性[多動性]障害"... Wow! Sounds super hard to read for me even though I'm Japanese. :-p

His scholastic ability(achievement) is usually above the average of his junior high school. In fact, he often gets full marks(perfect scores) on his English tests thanks to an excellent home teacher, whose name is plow7010. :) But he sometimes has panic disorder and he is occasionally hurt by himself. He takes 'Ritalin' almost everyday to improve his concentration. On the other hand, the medicine have potential of side effects. Frankly speaking, I don't necessarily agree that he often takes it. Because, from my point of view, it seems to be sort of a drug. However, my wife is often so nervous with his behavior that she offers him taking the tablets whereas I often wonder if we should stop giving them to him or not. Nobody knows the best way to take care of him.... Anyway, I have no choice but to think "What will be, will be." (なるようになる naruyouni naru) (^_^;

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sea Food BBQ

Sunday, November fourth, two thousands and six

the beachThe day before yesterday I went to "Pichi Pichi beach" near my city to have a barbecue with my mom, children and their mother. Their mother is sometimes called my wife, though. :) My dad went fishing on the day, actually. He apparently would rather go fishing than eat three times a day.(三度の飯より、釣りが好き sando no meshi yori turi ga suki)
In Japan when Japanese people mention those who are crazy about something, they say "三度の飯より、somethingが好き". I hope you understand what I mean. :)

Anyway, we had tons of meat and seafood - such as beef, pork, turban(top) shells, scallops. Let me upload some pictures I took there.

bbq bbq

Ahh... I have to visit a relative's home today, in order to attend a Buddhist memorial service, that's going to be held for one of my uncles who passed away two years ago, when he was eighty-eight years old.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Friday, November third, two thousands and six

Me in front of Osaka Jo HallI went see IRON MAIDEN's concert and Lauren Harris's opening act in Osaka Jo Hall this past Monday(October 30th). I was too busy at work on the day, so I wasn't able to change my clothes to get there in time. But I think it's OK to go see the show with my dirty working costume. Because, after all, I had to break a lot of sweat during hard head banging. :)

The greatest heavy metal band on the planet played all songs of their new album as I've heard of the rumor before. I realized the powerful potential of the CD "A Matter of Life and Death" again. Besides I was all choked up when they played "Fear of the Dark" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Needless to say, we harmonized those songs as much as possible. They gave us an impressive and aggressive performance and played music with hardly any rest, even though they are almost 50 years old.

Osaka Jo HallLauren Harris, the eldest daughter of Steve Harris(the leader of IRON MAIDEN), sang some songs before her father showed up. I was so surprised when she started singing "Natural Thing", which is a famous song of "UFO". (UFO used to be one of very famous British hard rock bands as a great guitarist "Michael Schenker" joined it.) The sound reminds me of my old happy memories.

And now, as far as I was able to catch the words Bruce Dickinson(the vocalist of IRON MAIDEN) said, they are planning to come to Japan soon(next year?) and play many songs of their early days at that time. In addition, he asked us to bring many friends of ours to the live show. :) Plus apparently they went for a drink to a terrific bar in Osaka the previous night. (^^; I want to find out where the bar is somehow.

Anyway, all songs from the new album sound more exciting and much greater to me than the recorded ones. I'm enjoying listening to the numbers now as I'm remembering the concert.... I've got an ultimate power!!!! Thanks MAIDEN! I had a great night thanks to you all!


[All songs from "A Matter of Life and Death"]
Different World
These Colours Don't Run
Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
The Pilgrim
The Longest Day
Out of the Shadows
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
For the Greater Good of God
Lord of Light
The Legacy

Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden


2 Minutes to Midnight
The Evil That Men Do
Hallowed Be Thy Name