Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My father's birthday

a massage ticket for grandparents

June 29, 2005

Today is my father's birthday. He attained the age of 74.Last night,i was thinking about the present...i had no idea what i should give.

When i got up this morning, i came up with an excellent idea !He must be glad to receive his birthday presents from his grandchildren than to receive it from me.So, i made some tickets to get massages his shoulders by his grandchildren.The ticket made by my PC software, to make name cards, letters etc.

That's a good idea, isn't it ? (^^;

BTW, in Osaka, it too hot to work in a factory recently.(ToT)But, i might be able to lose my weight. That's not too bad. :-p

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Takoyaki and Sushi party

sushi 1

sushi 2

June 26, 2005

Yesterday, i went to my friend's house with another friend, to hava a Takoyaki and Sushi party.

i made some Sushi for everybody. i used to work at a Sushi shop on my shool days.Making Sushi is very amusing for me.

We tried some new types of Takoyaki...
No,no....they're not Takoyaki...

Because "Tako" means octopus in Japanese.We never use any octopus....

What should we call them...

a la carte dumpling ??? i'm not sure.....

All of ingredients we used are :

  • scallop(No problem)
  • cherry tomato(a bit of good taste..but, you should be careful about hot juice)
  • cheese(so-so)
  • salami(pretty good for appetizer)
  • shrimp(very good)
  • tuna(i can't have)

What do you think about them ? :-)

strange takoyaki

| | |

Friday, June 24, 2005

My 3rd son's birthday

June 23, 2005

Today is my 3rd son's birthday. We celebrated his birthday.
He reached the age of 7 yeays old.

He's a little big considering his age, i think. :-)
i'm afraid he have a chance of being a SUMO wrestler....
But it might amazing for me, when i change my view of the thing.

We gave him a present for his birthday. The present was a radio-controlled model car.
The car's name is "LAMBORGHINI Gallardo".

i actually want the real one. :-p
Also, it looks very nice to me. i remember the good old days, middle school-aged...
When i was a junior high school student, i was very interested in LANMBORGHINI, Ferrari, etc.

Uh.... today, my brain don't work well. i'm sorry to type bad English text like this.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

At Kyoto

i went to Kyoto, where is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan, to sightsee KINKAKU temple and GINKAKU temple, with my family.
My first son, an elementary school student, asked me to go to Kyoto for his study.
He's very interested in old Japanese history.
i decided to go to Kyoto for him.
it's pretty good for his study to see real ones of historical construct, i think.

When we visited there, there were crowded with so many tourists. We could hear a couple of languages, Chinese and Korean languages.... i'm unhappy with having no opportunities to have a chat in English. :-p

Anyway, i've got a strange word, "Where's the check point", was talking by lots of students on school trip.
i asked them what the word mean. They taught me it means points to check whether or not they visited there by their teachers.
When i was a highschool student, all the students used to visit any spots with their teachers.
But, now never. They have to make some plans which spots they should make a visit, and which transportation they should take.
it's effective way for their study, isn't it ? and simular to orienteering, you know.

i'm glad to have a good time with them, and of course with my family.


i attended NOVA yesterday to have some lessons of English conversation.

### NOVA is one of the most famous English schools in Japan.

At the place, NOVA's teacher asked me what i was wearing, and whether i went to a Rock concert or not.

i was wearing IRON MAIDEN T-shirt. :-)it's a souvenir my friend gave me when he went to Europe on his honeymoon....about ten years ago ? i'm not sure... i came up with making a joke when NOVA's teacher asked me. :-p

i replyed him..."i bought this T-shirt when i was a highschool student."He asked me again."How old are you ?"i replyed quickly, "i'm 42 !"

He was surprise at my reply.
"What ? is the T-shirt is about 25 years old ? You were wearing for a long time ! That's strange...", he shouted.

Aha !

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Got a love letter ?

Last night, My daughter showed me a scrawled note that wrote at the kindergarten she attend.
She showed me a good time at the same time. :D

She told me "This is for you ! ".
i asked her "What's this ?".
She hardly never made a replay.....
She replyed after a moment's reflection !

This is my love letter for you, Dad !

WOW !!! That sounds very cute !
i was very glad at having the love letter from her, and could relax very well last night. :-)

But... i can't work out the mean of the letter like secret codes. :-p
What do u think ? Can u work out it ?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sushi made by me. And Takoyaki, do you know ?

This picture is a Sushi dish made by me.

i used to work at a Sushi shop as a part-time Sushi chef when i was an university student as i typed on my profile(About Me).

Making Sushi is so fun for me. i'm not good at cooking, but can make Sushi quickly.
i occasionally have Sushi parties with my friends.
Anyway i'm gonna have a Sushi & Takoyaki party in 25, June at my friend's house.

Do you know Takoyaki ?

it's one of the most popular hot foods in Japan, especially in Osaka.
Takoyaki means fried octopus dumplings in Japanese, i think.(i'm not sure.....sorry.)

After the party, i'll type my diary about it on this blog.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

[2005.05.29] Rock concert. - DIO(Ronnie James Dio)

i went to Zepp Osaka is in Osaka south port area to attend a Rock concert.
The concert is called "DIO Japan Tour".
i think Ronnie James Dio is one of the most excellent vocalists in the HARD ROCK/HEAVY METAL category.
i was actually impressed by all of his songs in the concert. i had a stiff neck by head banging. :-p
He's over 60 years old.... But, he shouted storngly !! He didn't look over 60 years old.
All fans was dancing madly. Of course me, too.
When he sang "Stargazer", tears came into my eyes.

1. Killing the Dragon
2. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
3. Stargazer
4. Holy Diver

(Drums solo)
5. Stand up and shout
6. Sunset Superman
7. Don't Talk to Strangers
8. Man on the the Silver Mountain

(Guitor solo)
9.Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
11.Gates of Babylon
12.Heaven & Hell
(1st encore)
13.Rainbow in the Dark
14.The Last in Line
(2nd encore)
15.We Rock

Thank you very very very very very much ! > Ronnie !
Please Take a vacation after this tour. And be careful. if you please, visit in Japan again, i hope.
You made me so fine. i'll be able to work more hard from this.
i'm still 42 years old. i'm emulous of you. :-)

Once again !

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! >>>>> RONNIE !!!!

[2005.06.04] Visited a kindergarten.

i visited the kindergarten my daughter attend.That's for a measurement of physical fitness with their parents.
i sweated a lot with her, but it's good exercise, isn't it ? :D

And...i could have a reunion with my childhood friends there.Their sons and daughters attend the kindergarten, too.
We had a chat about the difference between present days and our childhood.There're so much difference. i can't type all of them. :DOne of them is safety of society. there're a lot of awful affair recently, you know.

i miss safety of society...How about you ?

This is my first post.

Hello !
This is my first post into this blog.

i'm not good at english. But i've just decided to type any columns in english, build blog in this space.

i'll send out my favorites columns from this. :D