Friday, January 26, 2007

One of Those Days!

Friday, January, twenty sixth, two thousand and seven

I don't have so many orders from my customers as last winter. But my factory doesn't have good materials to be recycled, besides the machinery doesn't work well these days, so that's why I had to work more than twelve hours a day this week. The production efficiency is really terrible! It's been one of those days! :(

Actually, I learned this phrase "one of those days" last year thanks to a nice American friend who is very interested in Japanese culture. I memorized this phrase "It's been one of those days!" as soon as I heard, because his style of teaching English is so excellent as another nice American guy who I used to drink together with me in a bar sometimes.

To get back to my original point, my hands are really dirty, rough, and have so many scratches due to the recent hard work. My hands look awful but I'm proud of them, because they are kind of a poof that I'm a really hard worker. Japanese people call those hands "Labor's hands", however, I pronounced the words "Lovers' hands" last year. When I said that, I'm so embarrassed! The guy who heard the words started moving his right hand..... Sorry to post such a dirty article. :)

production efficiency: 生産効率
one of those days: 何をやってもうまくいかない日
To get back to my original point: 話を元に戻すと

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