Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lively Morning

July 31, 2005

The buzzing of cicadas sound too noisy nowadays. I know this is summer season now.

My children often catch some cicadas. But I sometimes say them "Release the cicadas later". I know catching insects is fun for them. On the other hand, the life of cicadas is very short, you know. They've gotta do a lot of things to leave their offspring.

I've gotta be patient for their noise, too. No,not noise...lively sound. Sorry, Cicadas.

I'm gonna bowling with my eldest son today. It's better to play indoors than outdoors.
My wife and other children are gonna her friend's house for a get-together.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hung over

July 30, 2005

I'm a hung over today...

I went to Namba, the south area of Osaka city, to drink with my ex-co-workers when I used to work at a computer system company. I(We?) drank too much. :D
We were talking and drinking for 4 hours at the same bar.

I have to go out to take some English lessons at NOVA. NOVA is one of the most famous English conversation schools in Japan. There are many teachers,they all are native English speakers.

My condition is exactly bad. But I'm gonna the school. It might be a bad idea to attend with such awful condiction.

What ? "You'd better absent from the school" ????
No. I'm leaving right now. I'd like to speak English. It's necessary for me to speak English with such condition. When native English speaks are sick, don't they speak English ? Yes, they do speak English. So, I'm gonna speak English.

I'm gonna post comments tonight on any blogs which I always browse.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's Windows Vista ?

July 28, 2005

I found the article when I scanned through some news sites on the Internet.

Microsoft will release a new OS "Windows Vista" anytime soon.

It was called "Longhorn" as the name of the beta version. I don't exactly know what it supports new features.
Also, they have a new TV game machine "Xbox 360". I don't really prefer to any TV games. But the architecture of it is interesting.

By the way.....

In my opinion, they have something else to do....

No more too much decorated OS !!!!!

To include all the features in Windows might be convenient.

But most of the users would lose opportunities for meeting other cool software products, and many of software developers would lose business opportunities, i think.

I actually want a stable and secure OS !!!

I'm afraid that my opinion is wrong...
What do you thing about it ? :-p


There is already "Vista" in Japan. It's the name of car made by TOYOTA. :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Evening get-together

my daughter

July 27, 2005

The day before yesterday, I went to an evening get-together held at the kindergarten which my daughter attend. My daughter and I had a good time with some games and fireworks.

The kindergarten is that I'd attend when i was a kid. It will be closed next year, due to the low birthrate.
I miss it.....I'm so sad...

The low birthrate problem is one of the deepest problems in Japan.

How is your country ?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Diet is Unnecessary

July 25, 2005

it's scorching nowadays in Osaka, Japan. Of course, in my factory too.

The temperature in the factory is usually over 40 degree Celsius.

What a terrible thing ! i have to beak into a lot of sweat.

But i'll be able to get my weight down easily without diet. ha-ha.
i'm off to work in an hour......We're gonna have another hot day......

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Got a Track Back System

i got a track back system by doesn't support track back.
But we can get a track back system by free service.

i tried it ! it's very easy and useful for me !

Thanks, !

Friday, July 22, 2005

Himeji Castle - one of the World Heritage lists

Himeji castle
i went to Himeji Castle on the last weekend.
My eldest son is actually interested in Japanese history, as i wrote before. was scorching on the day. We got tired a little. :-) But we was able to have a good time.

Himeji catsle was registered on the World Heritage list in 1993 as the 1st cultural site in Japan, you know. The reason of the registration was, that the castle had kept its original design at the time of construction. We often call the castle, "Shirasagi castle". "Shirasagi" means "White Heron" in Japanese. it looks beautiful like white heron.

BTW, i met a couple of Belgians there. i had a chat with them, of course in English.
The girl wore a ring...i guessed that was an engagement ring.
i asked them "On honeymoon ?"...
But, they laughed and said "Just friends". i was so embarrassed. :-p

Monday, July 18, 2005

Got a GMail account

July 18, 2005

At last, i got a GMail account after an invitation.
Anyone who wants to get a GMail account, can't get it.
Google allows the inviting people only to get it.

After that, some of my friends ask me to invite them into GMail service.
But i can't invite them in a moment.
The reason i can't do in a moment, is that Google RANDOMLY allow us to invite our fiends into GMail services.
Therefore, a inviting menu RANDOMLY appears on our display.

i'm looking forward to appearing the inviting menu.
When will the menu appear on my display ???? :D

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Catching insects

my 3rd son July 17, 2005

i went to a forest to catch insects with my 7-year-old son.
He's very interested in insects, for example... beetles, stag beetles, cicadas(locusts ? in the States...i'm not sure..).
i guess, the reason why he likes insects, is that a popular cartoon for children has made an impact on him recently. The cartoon called "MUSHI-KING" in Japanese.

He actually wanted to catch beetles today. But we couldn't find out any beetles.
However, we found out a cicada on a tree. We catch it right away.
This is all we could do...

in my opinion, the result isn't important. i think going through the process is really important for him.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why do you study English ?

July 16, 2005

i restarted studying English in April, 2005.
Also, i'd been studying English in my school days(a loooong time ago....ha-ha).

Do you wanna know why i study English ?

OK. Let me introduce why i do.

There are so many problems in Japan. For example, politics things...
i'm really disappointed at Japanese government, especially at diplomacy.
Japanese politicians hava no good idea what to do at diplomacy to China, and North Korea...
i guess Japan will become a terrible country in the future.
Therefore, i'll need to move abroad one day.... :-p
if i could speak English fluently, i'll be able to live in most of the coutries.

Why do you study English or other languages ?

Friday, July 15, 2005

A certification

July 15, 2005.

i work at a chemical fiber recyle factory with my brother and an employee.
On the night of 4 days ago, my brother hurt his toenail. He teared his toenail off !
That sounds too painful... He had to go to a hospital on the next day.
So, we couldn't work on the day. Because, when one of the workers get off work, we can never run the manufacturing line.

At that moment, i reminded an action item that i needed to go get a paper to the Osaka prefectural office.The paper is a certification of our company is a recycle company.

A certification of recylce company

Sunday, July 10, 2005

For Learning Japanese & English People

There are so many people learning English in the world, you know.
Also, there are so many people learning Japanese in the world, too.

We have convenient tools on the internet, they called "blog".
But, "a blog" allows to be posted by the blog owner only.

Livedoor, which is one of the very famous IT company in Japan, has just released "Livedoor Wiki service".
The service allow "a Wiki space" to be posted by anyone. A Wiki space looks like a blog space.
it support that anyone can post comments, track back.

So, i've decided to create a Wiki space for everyone who are learning English or Japanese.
Anyone can post articles in English or Japanese on the space.
And, all the native Japanese speakers indicate mistakes in Japanese articles posted by non-navtive Japanese speakers.
On the other hand, all the native English speakers indicate mistakes in English articles posted by non-native English speakers.

That's one of the intercultural communication, i think.
What do you think about ?

Does anyone try it ? :-)

Livedoor Wiki :
My Wiki Space :

Saturday, July 09, 2005

RSS Reader

When you patrol the internet sites of blog type, which software do you use as a RSS Reader ?

i always use goo RSS Reader(Japanese edition only).
it support RSS/Atom. That's really convenient for me. i can always access lots of sites smoothly.

By using RSS Reader, we can get all of new arcticles on our favorite sites, which support RSS or Atom.
The support Atom. i've added some sites in it to my RSS Reader recently.

Sharp Reader

This morning, i've just found Sharp Reader, which is RSS/Atom Reader and english seem to be convenient... But i don't have enough time to try it.
Have anyone tryed it ?

Friday, July 08, 2005

ARAI - a kind of raw fish

ARAI - a kind of raw fish

July 08, 2005

Do you know "ARAI" ?
ARAI is a kind of raw fish, very popular cooking style of fish in Japan.
Yesterday, i had some ARAI of sea bass, see bass - called "SUZUKI" in Japanese, and drank a little bit(?) of alcohol. :-p

The recipe of ARAI is the following:

  1. Cut the fish into fillets.
  2. Slice the fillets.
  3. Put the sliced peaces into ice-cold water.
  4. Soak them in a several tens of seconds.

We always eat them with soy sauce and grated wasabi, wasabi - Japanese green horseradish paste, so we can eat them lightly-seasoned.
if you like raw fish, let's try and have a good dishes ! :-)

By the way, i took a long time for dinner, because i was dranking for a long while.When i was dranking leisurely, my daughter came to the dinning table, and said me "Can i do my homework here ?".That souds nice, of cource. She seemed like a cute hostess for me. :-)

Bye for now.

Sake & my daughter

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The competition of Japanese chess

Japanese chess

July 2, 2005

Last night, my first son asked me to take part in a competition.
He'd like to take part in "The competition of Japanese chess for elementary school students in OSAKA".
(Japanese chess is called "SYOUGI" in Japanese.)

But my wife(his mother) won't be able to take him along to the competition site,
because she'll have to take our daughter along to a swimming school. So, i decided to take him along by me.
i want him to experience such a big event. That's a good experience for him, i think.

The competition is gonna be held in August 6.i'm looking forward to holding it. :-)