Friday, January 05, 2007

The First Work Day of 2007

Thursday, January fifth, two thousands and seven

workingI had been concerned about whether the production line works well or not, partly because we hadn't activated it for almost one week. The machinery tends to have some trouble after a long vacation as far as I have experienced before.
Fortunately, it did work so well against my concern. We were really relieved...

To change the subject, I saw a frightening article on the Internet this morning. According to the web site, the increasing speed of creatures becoming extinct is one hundred times as fast as the natural speed because of the recent environmental destruction. Besides, the number of wildlife has reportedly decreased by forty percent in the past twenty years. I strongly hope that our industry is effective against the terrible current global environment and helpful to the environmental improvement from my heart.

All Japanese companies had better not export the materials they exhausted to other countries, such as China, and had better not shift their production lines to those regions just because personal costs in the nation is much cheaper than Japan, and had better recycle those stuff in Japan, otherwise Japan would be suffer from deindustirialization and lack of resources for recycling.

Ah.... I've written much more of difficult words in this article than I had expected. (ToT)

(I'm not sure that all sentences are grammatically correct, especially the last one.)

partly because (a clause): 一つには、~という理由で
activate something: ~を作動させる、稼動させる、起動する
something become extinct: ~が絶滅する
environmental destruction: 環境破壊
reportedly: 伝えられるところでは・・・
wildlife: 野生生物
just because (a clause): ただ、~という理由だけで
otherwise (a clause): さもなければ~(仮定法過去)
deindustirialization: the reduction of industrial activity or capacity in a region or economy(産業の空洞化、産業の吸いたい・・・じゃなくて、産業の衰退・・・笑)
be grammatically correct: 文法的に正しい


makiko said...

Hi, Pro. This is an interesting post. I've heard that we won't be able to find places where the labor cost is cheaper other than China or Vietnam in the future, so the next target will be robotics. If robots are popularized, we can decrease labor cost.

plow7010 said...

Hi Makiko,
Thanx for often posting your comments.
That idea might be true and realized. Considering my factory belongs to a minor industry, we invested a lot of money to improve the production efficiency without many workers. That's kind of robots, isn't it?