Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Branch to Closed

September twenty seventh, two thousand and seven

NOVA, the most biggest private English school in Japan, has a big financial problem now as many Japanese people know. I saw an article in the newspaper, that mentioned the company's future. According to the newspaper, the school was planning to close some branches to slash expenses. I hoped that Kishiwada branch, which I belong to now, wouldn't be shut down. Against my expectation, one of my study buddies, whose name is Hiro*** and who studies English at the same branch, made a phone call the day before yesterday to let me know the branch is going to be closed next month. Holy shit!!! .... Pardon my French. m(_ _)m
Anyway, I have to move to Namba branch or Wakayama branch soon. I'm going to move to Wakayama branch so far. The reason isn't just because it's closer from my house than Namba. Actually I visited there the other day as I've post an article here before. I like the atmosphere in the lesson rooms, the teachers and the stuff. They looked very friendly at that time. Besides there are many amusement spots around there - such as bars, bars, bars and bars.... :D

Monday, September 24, 2007

Got Hair Cut

September twenty fourth, two thousand and seven

It's still too hot working in my factory, so I finally decided to have my hair cut short as the following picture. Looks cool? :D
Actually, I'm going bald terribly now, especially the top of my head. I wanted to do something effective against the problem somehow. I came up with a counter measure last week, which is getting a hair cut; that's to say, I had my hair cut short so that the bald patch doesn't stand out. :)

hair cut

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Go to Wakayama

Sunday, September ninth, two thousand and seven

Every Sunday I usually have to do something nice for my family instead of spending my spare time freely on Saturdays. Fortunately, I can visit Wakayama branch of NOVA today, however. Actually, my eldest son is completely crazy about playing "Syougi(Japanese chess)" and "Go". So he asked me to take him to a big competition hall of that kind of games in Wakayama. Since he seems to want to play those games for hours, I had to figure out how I kill time while waiting for him there...
After a while I came up with a great idea, that's to attend some free conversation lessons in Wakayama branch of NOVA. I actually know some teachers who belong to the branch because some of them had come to the small branch I used to go to as substitute teachers(= help teachers?) before I moved to the one I belong to now. I'm looking forward to having a reunion with them.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Letter From Canada

Saturday September eighth, two thousand and seven

I got an email from Canada today. It was sent by one of my study buddies in the English school we often go to. She seems to have arrived in Canada and be having hard time with her study. Actually she doesn't have a job now and all her children have already grown up, that's one of the reasons she can afford to study abroad. To be honest, I'm envious of her trip.
As far as I know, she's going to stay there for three months. When I have a reunion with her, I bet she will be able to speak English super fluently. So I'll go to pieces then, I guess. :D

Anyway, her email reminded me of an old Japanese song, which is called "A love letter from Canada." Of course, she isn't my lover though. :D

"quotes from LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English"
go to pieces: if a person or what they do goes to pieces, they are so upset or nervous that they cannot live, work, or perform as they should
(= go nuts?)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Employ New Face

Friday, September seventh, two thousand and seven

My brother and I have finally hired a new employee lately. The new face is coming to work from next Monday. Since he has some experience to work in the recycling industry that my factory belongs to, we expect him to make an immediate contribution to us. If he lives up to our expectations, we'll be able to have more spare time weekdays. I'd like to read English newspapers or something like that. As a result, I could improve my English skills and may be able to have fun with my foreign friends a lot... I really hope so, but that depends on how hard he works in my factory. :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Using English-English Dictionary

Wednesday, September fifth, two thousand and seven

These days I'm into using the English-English dictionary made from paper as the following picture actually. I know one of my weak points in my English skills is the poor vocabulary, so I had been looking for a good way to increase it. As a result, I realized that it could be a good way using dictionaries made from paper, especially English-English ones. Electronic ones are so useful that I can check out any word's meaning quickly, but the way tends not to be memorable through my experience. Honestly, one of my study buddies, who is a female high school student and who passed an exam of a high level English test in Japan which is called "英検準1級(Eiken Jun Ikkyuu)", recommended me that way. On the way, I'll be able to understand all new words in English, not translated in Japanese. If there're some words I don't know in the explanation of the word I want to know the meaning, I would have to check it out to find out the exact meaning of them on the other pages. Anyway, Let me resume writing my English diary from now on. The contents aren't interested for anyone though. :p

my dictioanry