Tuesday, January 23, 2007

IRON MAIDEN Helps me Out

Tuesday, January twenty third, two thousand and seven

My 6-year-old daughter usually kiss me before she goes to bed and I leave for work, but she didn't do that habit today. I'm soooooooooooooooo sad that I couldn't fall asleep tonight. Actually, only her nice habit makes me feel good nowadays, however, she seems to be tired of doing that, in spite of I work so hard for my family everyday. Let me try to find another nice girl who gives me a number of nice kisses instead of my daughter....
Just kidding, of course.... maybe... :) Since I had to work fourteen hours today due to malfunction of the machinery in my factory, I'd like to have a good and deep sleep tonight anyhow. Let me listen to IRON MAIDEN to make myself relaxed, and go to bed... Huh ? Is it strange to listen to heavy metal music before going to bed? In my case, it's sort of an excellent vitamin. For me, there are no more nicer ones in the world than listening to IRON MAIDEN before going to bed!

....I'm relieved to be managed to keep on writing my English diary...

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