Sunday, March 11, 2007

Terrific Night

Sunday, March eleventh, two thousand and seven

I had a great time with my friends at a small bar in Izumisano city, Osaka prefecture, last night. At first, I was going to hit the bar with only men, including an Australian friend of mine, actually. The Australian friend brought his wife and invited a Canadian guy and his female Japanese friend to the small party. Besides, one of my female Japanese friends sent me an email why I didn't invite her last night. Apparently, she heard from another friend that I had a plan to go get a drink to the bar. How lucky I am! Although I'm over 40 years old, the female friend, a 23-year-old lady, emailed me to have alcohol together. Japanese young women tend to hate to go for a drink with middle aged men and old men, so fortunately I'm not hated by young girls. :) After all, I was able to have a marvelous time with lots of young people. Whenever I have such a good time, it was a great idea to resume studying English two years ago. In fact, I wasn't able to have such wonderful friends if I didn't decide to do that.

hit a(the) bar = go get a drink
marvelous [adjective]: extremely good, enjoyable, impressive etc [= wonderful]

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