Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She Bugs Me

Tuesday, March twenty seventh, two thousand and seven

Since all of my children are in spring holidays, not only them but also my wife get up later than usual these days. This morning I was about to leave home for work when she was still sleeping. Who makes my breakfast!? I couldn't help but buy something to eat at a convenience store. I was furious about her recent silly attitude this morning. Besides, I raised the roof as soon as I got home from work. I will be at odds with her before she knows it. Let me stop giving her my money for a while. If she wants to buy stuff, she must show me the budget planning and the receipt of her shopping from now on! Her awful behavior has just really messed up my motivation for work! If she does the same thing, I bet I will go ballistic! Umm... On the other hand, I might be very lucky to study some new words that I should use when I describe how angry I am, thanks to the GREAT WIFE! :)

furious [adjective]: very angry
raise the roof(devil): 大騒ぎする、激怒する、カンカンに怒る
be at odds with someone: ~と不和である、もめている
before someone knows it: used to say that something happens very quickly and when you are not expecting it
mess up: 散らかす、悩ませる、台無しにする、だめにする

go ballistic: to suddenly become very angry (ex.) I couldn't believe it! She went ballistic just because there were peas in her pasta.

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