Saturday, March 24, 2007

Graduation Ceremony For Only One Student

Saturday, March twenty fourth, two thousand and seven

This week my cute angel, who is what is called my daughter, graduated from the kindergarten. She was going to attend the graduation ceremony with her classmates, but she was suffering from the bad flu on the day. Because she wasn't able to get the graduation certificate with her friends, she went to the kindergarten with my wife to get it after two days.

my daughter's graduation ceremonySome teachers prepared some nice surprises for her, such as a small singing event with many younger students and a graduation ceremony for only her. None of her classmates attended the ceremony, however, I bet she had a great time as the last memory of her kindergarten life. Anyway, she is entering the elementary school next month that my eldest son and I used to go to and that my third son goes to now. She seems to be eager to become a new elementary school student soon. I hope she will be able to make friends with other new students and have a lot of nice teachers as well.

what is called something: いわゆる~


Anonymous said...

wow!!what a suprised!!
good for her.and this ceremony will always remain in her memory.
i hope she like elemently school.

osarumo monkichi

plow7010 said...

Hi osaruno monkichi,

Yeah, that would be a great memory in her life as you say. I hope from my heart she get a nice homeroom teacher.

Dave said...

That is a really sweet story and photo. I bet she was really happy with that. It's nice that the school did a special event for your daughter:)

plow7010 said...

Hi Dave,
Yeah, she must be the luckiest student in the kindergarten to have had a unique experience. (^o^)/