Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bussiness Email from US

Tuesday, March twentieth, two thousand and seven

I got an email from the States today. He sent the email to my factory's email address. Apparently, he is looking for recycled chemical fiber all over the world. Even though my factory's web site written in Japanese, he found it out after googling with some keywords related to his industry. If I could build my factory's web site in English, we would be able to get much more orders from other countries! That sounds like a dream though. :) In his email, he is asking me to send him a pound of sample including the cost. That's a great surprise! Ultimately, I decided to refuse his request. Since my factory is very small, we haven't exported our products so far. His request seems to be above our products' quality as well. Let me send him a reply email written in English to give a polite refusal right away. But I don't have the confidence to tell him exactly what I want to say because I'm still a fledgling English learner.

"quoted from LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English"
ultimately [sentence adverb]: finally, after everything else has been done or considered (ex.) Ultimately everything that has a beginning has an end.

fledgling [adjective, only before noun]: a fledgling state or organization has only recently been formed and is still developing 駆け出しの、巣立ちしたばかりの、未熟な

give a polite refusal: 丁重に断る

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