Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fire Happened

Saturday, March tenth, two thousand and seven

I heard the news yesterday that a fire had occurred at a factory of a customer of ours two days ago. But fortunately, no one wasn't killed and didn't get injured, and the main production line didn't get any serious damage as well. So the customer will go on doing business. However, the sub production line of them, which manufactures recycled chemical fiber cotton, was completely burned. Actually, the customer need tons of recycled chemical fiber cotton to make their products, so they not only buy the cotton from us but also had produced it themselves. After the fire, I had a phone call to the effect that an executive director of the company asked me to do him a favor, which means he wants me to send lots of cotton more preferentially than the other customers of ours. I'd like to live up to his request but we don't have enough amount of material to be recycled these days. Anyway, let me manufacture our product for him as long as our warehouses don't empty. I guess my nose will lower, because I have to keep my nose to the grindstone.

something to the effect that (a clause) : ~という趣旨の
preferentially [adverb]: 優先的に
live up to [phrasal verb]: (期待などに)沿う、応える
keep one's nose to the grindstone: 身を粉にして働く、頑張り続ける、一生懸命に働く

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