Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cherry Blossoms in Wakayama

Sunday, April first, two thousand and seven

You can see lots of beautiful cherry blossoms almost all over Japan this week. I personally think this season is the best one to visit Japan. Basically, most cherry trees in Japan blossom out at the beginning of April, however, this cherry blossom season has started kind of earlier than usual, because the last winter was the warmest one in history as far as Japan Meteorological Agency has recorded. Anyway my family wanted to go somewhere to see cherry blossoms, I couldn't help but drive them to a famous spot today even though I'm a little tired. We decided to go to 紀三井寺(Kimii Dera) in Wakayama prefecture, which is a famous temple as having a lot of cherry trees. We could see a large number of marvelous cherry blossoms. They aren't full bloom though... I suppose they are 80% or so... Let me post some pictures I took there on this blog space. Don't you think they are wonderful? (^_^)v

Japan Meteorological Agency: (日本の)気象庁

cherryblossoms at Kimii Dera
cherryblossoms at Kimii Dera

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