Saturday, April 07, 2007

Having Lots Of Drive

Saturday, April seventh, two thousand and seven

Since my job doesn't kill me, it's OK for me to often go out for having a drink these days. So my friends and I went for a drink two weekends in a row, actually. Because I slept like a log last night, I was so fine before drinking, I mean, I had a lot of drive to get a drink! I had at least 8 mugs of beer at a Japanese style bar(居酒屋 izakaya) and a shot bar. When my Australian friend came to the meeting place and I was waiting for him with one of my Japanese young female friends, he asked me where my friends are. I replied that she is a friend of mine. He was shocked to hear that. I told him the day before yesterday only that I was going to wait for him with my friends, actually. Apparently, he guessed my friends were guys(males). Is it strange that I have young female friends? :) To be honest, I can go get a drink with only young girls! (^^) Anyway a Canadian friend and a Japanese male friend joined us later. We really had a good time. Later on, the young girl asked me if it's OK with me to have some alcohol and 串カツ(kushi katsu), which are pieces of pork, fish or vegetables that fried on a skewer, at the nice Japanese 串カツ restaurant in Kishiwada city she went with her friends last week. Of course, I'd love to! I'm sooooo lucky to have nice young friends that I would be able to be young at heart!

have a lot of drive: やる気まんまんである。
"quoted from LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English"
skewer [countable]: a long metal or wooden stick that is put through pieces of meat to hold them together while they are cooked

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