Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sleep Like A Dog? or Log?

Wednesday, April fourth, two thousand and seven

I've just seen an English idiom, which is "sleep like a dog" that means "sleep tight". But I can't find it out in all of my dictionary. I found out a similar idiom, which is "sleep like a log". I'm really confused now... I didn't sleep like a top last night, actually. So let me sleep like a log tonight. (-_-)zzzz
Umm... Whenever I'm sleepy, my diary tend to be too short. Anyway, the name of the game for me is writing some English sentences everyday. I'm not sure it's an effective way of learning English though. :)

sleep like a (top/log/dog?): sleep tight
the name of the game: the most important thing in a particular activity or situation(肝心なこと)


Tori said...

I have only ever heard "sleep like a log". I am Australian....

I love your blog!!!

plow7010 said...

Heyo tori,
It's great to get your comment here. I guess someone misunderstood the idiom, I mean, he or she might take "sleep like a log" for "sleep like a dog". The difference is only one letter, so it's easy to make someone misunderstand, I think. Hope you understand what I mean. cya!