Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pass Test and Setsubun

Saturday, February third, two thousand and seven

I took the level-up test this morning at the English school's branch I belong to. I could pass the test somehow, so I just became a level-3 student at the school. But the teacher who tested my skills told me I have to do my best on increasing my vocabulary and improving the fluency. Since I know my weak points, I'm so lucky to hear the comment that describes exactly what I should do from now on.
Anyway, it looked so far for me to become such a high level student when I entered the school. Because I started as a level-7B student, a primary student, I couldn't imagine that I'm able to be a level-3 student at that time. Anyway, I bet I'll feel like a fish out of water when I take a high-level English lesson next week or the week after next.

To change the subject, it's Setsubun today in Japan. If you want to know what day Setsubun is, I recommend you to take a look at the web page I posted last year.( Of course, there are some(a large number of ?) mistakes in English, though... :) When I was a part time sushi chef, I had to make at least a hundred sushi rolls an hour! That's one of my bad memories...

feel like a fish out of water: 場違いに感じる


Anonymous said...


you did it!! congratulations!!
i have known you level up!
be careful!! spam and sperm.ha-ha


plow7010 said...

Hey osarunomonkichi,

Thanks. But I'm still really worried about my poor vocabulary.
Yeah, let me be careful those pronunciations. hehe.