Monday, February 19, 2007

Spread of Flu

Monday, February nineteenth, two thousand and seven

I had to work fourteen hours today due to some malfunctions of our machinery. I've really kept my nose to the grindstone recently, so I expect something good to happen to me. :)
As I posted an article the other day, my eldest son has the flu now. Today, not only my wife but also my third son seem to catch the flu. Since I live with my parents, almost all of the housework will be done by my mom instead of my wife for a while. It sometimes bothers me a lot to live with my parents because of the generation gap and something like that, but it's very helpful in such an emergency case. Anyway I must be careful not to catch the flu, because nobody can act for me in my factory as well as my younger brother. I can't for the life of me take any days off on weekdays now.

keep one's nose to the grindstone: コツコツ働く、身を粉にして働く
for the life of me: どうしても

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welkome said...

To 2 meters from the river it was like we had been projects to you in the empty one of a new world, luminous how much wants, but blind while it is always come down. If we opened the eyes , for a moment, the sight became a veil, but all that one fascinated me ..... that one was the sea. The ocean