Saturday, February 24, 2007

Might As Well Work?

Saturday, February twenty fourth, two thousand and seven

I slept in today for a change, to recover from the flu completely and relieve my fatigue. After I got up, I expected to relax and study English by myself. But my wife often nagged my eldest son to break his neck to take good results on his tests conducted at his junior high school next week. So I wasn't able to do anything I planned this morning. Luckily I had to go to my factory at about 11 a.m. to drive a forklift, because a truck came there to take on lots of our products. I was able to escape from the terribly noisy house, actually. I might as well work out if I can't relax at home. :)

sleep in: (意図的に)遅くまで寝ている
nag: 口うるさく小言を言う
break one's neck: 全力を尽くす
conduct (a) test(s): テストを実施する
take on: 積載する
might as well do something: ~する方がマシだ

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