Saturday, February 10, 2007


Saturday, February tenth, two thousand and seven

Since my brother and I had to work today in spite of Saturday, I had my eldest son help us in our factory this morning. Now that he's twelve years old, he is much more powerful than he was. Thanks to him, we was able to increase the production efficiency today. His help is kind of discipline and study, actually. He can learn the importance of working to live, and can do exercise as well. He also has another job at home, which is washing up the bathroom everyday. I personally think all parents should make their children have such routine works. I bet the works help them develop their future. From my point of view, all most all Japanese children must have much more discipline. So my children must be so happy, because my wife and I often make them work at home. :)

Anyway, my eldest son worked so hard and did a good job. No words can express my thanks, Yuuji(my eldest son's name)! 何とお礼を言ってよいかわからない。

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