Monday, February 12, 2007

Horrible Climate Change

Monday, February twelfth, two thousand and seven

Recently the global environment has changed for the worse. According to a web site(, Indonesia could lose about 2,000 islands by 2030 due to climate change, because sea levels are expected to rise about 89 centimeters in 2030. So about 2,000 mostly uninhabited small islets would be submerged.

Holy cow! Nobody can say, "Whatever.", against global warming. I work in a recycling industry, so sometimes watch those kinds of news not only in the newspaper but also on the Internet, actually. Japan is the country held the international conference on the environment ten years ago, and the Kyoto Protocol was constituted at that time. I hope that many countries try to fight global warming under the Protocol and strongly hope that all advanced nations join the Protocol and make efforts for the planet's future.

Ah... The airport near my city, Kansai international airport, might be submerged in the near future as well as Indonesia's islets.

climate change: 気候の変化
change for the worse: 悪化する
uninhabited islet: 無人島
something be submerged : ~が水没する
Whatever. : どうでもいいよ。
constitute something: ~を制定する
the Kyoto Protocol: 京都議定書
advanced nation: 先進国
make efforts for something: ~のために努力する

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