Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting Better

Friday, February twenty third, two thousand and seven

Thank God, It's Friday! This week's work has finally ended! I had the bad flu but I'm feeling better now, thanks to some excellent medicines - such as beer and Japanese sake. :) However, I've decided to stay at home over this weekend, to be on the safe side. Actually, the musical event is being held in my daughter's kindergarten tomorrow, so I was looking forward to seeing it with my wife. But I won't be able to go see it, not to give the flu to anyone. Besides, I'm not going to take any English lessons over the weekend. Let me review some lessons I've taken before during the days.

to be on the safe side: 念のために


Anonymous said...


im sorry to hear that.
but you are always do your i think you can relax.take it easy.and take care of yourself..


plow7010 said...

Hey osarunomonkichi,
I'm in good shape today. Maybe I've completely recovered from the terrible flu. Take care of yourself, too! TTYL