Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Money and Dishes

Tuesday, February twentieth, two thousand and seven

I've just made some bills with Microsoft Excel to send our customers. Some of them require us to send bills on the twentieth of each month, and the others require us to do that on the end of each moth. For Japanese companies, it's very common that the cutoff days of each month are either the twentieth or the end of month.
Anyway, the business result of this month is very good so far. We've just gotten such a big money that we would be able to take a trip after this busy season, like a hot spring trip or a ski trip. And my wife wouldn't complain about our household economy with this phrase for a while, "I have to cut corners this month again...."
Ah... Talking of my wife... she still has the flu. In addition, my mom and my daughter have just caught the flu! No wonder my mom told me this morning that she had a bad headache. Anyway, almost all of my family members have the flu now! Holy cow! I'd better evacuate to another house, like, my another wife's house. Of course, I absolutely don't have such a place so far. Umm???? so far??? What does it mean?
After all, I had to make dinner myself tonight, and do the dishes as well. Since I used to be a part time sushi chef and live alone when I was working as a computer programmer in Odawara City, it's a piece of cake for me to do such housework. They are so lucky to have such a nice guy!

cutoff day: 締め日、決算日
household economy: 家計
cut corners: 節約する、切り詰める
No wonder ... : 道理で~なわけだ。

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