Thursday, January 03, 2008

Visit Temple for New Year

My family and I went to Negoro Temple in Wakayama prefecture today as this year's first visit to shrines or temples. The custom is one of famous Japanese traditional events during new year seasons, and so, most Japanese people visit a shrine or temple during the time to make a wish for happy things that they hope will happen this year.
I prayed for good business results and a little more hair on my head. As a matter of fact, I lose my hair year after year. I can no longer allow myself to lose my hair, otherwise I'll go bald completely someday....(ToT)

To change the subject, I have to go to a bar in Izumisano city tonight, in order to attend the party that is held for an American guy, who came back to Japan at the end of last year and goes back to the United States this weekend. The party must be crazy because of many funny guys including me. :-P



Negoro Temple

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