Sunday, January 06, 2008

Party, Karaoke, Busy Cell Phone

The English edition doesn't necessarily correspond to the Japanese one.

As I posted an article here, I had a New Year party with my friends, including a couple of foreigners, in my female friend's house yesterday. That was really great, especially the Karaoke! Actually, I hadn't sung songs in karaoke for about two years, but fortunately I guess I did it very well. Everyone laughed loudly as soon as I started singing because of my strange high-tone voice. (^^) I usually speak both English and Japanese in a low key, but on the other hand I tend to sing in a high voice, as some of my friends know. However, most of the friends who I had the party with yesterday didn't know my high-tone singing style. That would be why they burst out laughing at that time. (^^; Anyway, it's my pleasure to be laughed because I'm an Osaka person. Basically, Osaka people tend to like not only cracking people up (making people laugh) but also being laughed because of their nature.
A female friend and I went to the bar that we often visit for a drink after the party. My cell phone was very busy in the bar while we were drinking. The gadget rang one after another because of so many calls from some of my other female friends. :) She looked like feeling jealousy a little, though she and they aren't my girlfriends. Anyway, don't get me wrong! I swear I'm a serious Japanese man! Could be...LOL

パーティの後、女性の友人一人と私は、いつも行くバーへ。そのバーで飲んでいるとき、携帯電話がバンバン鳴ってました。他の女性友達からの電話で・・・・(笑) 彼女は、ちょっと焼きもちを焼いているようでした。でも、彼女らは、私の恋人ではありません。とにかく、誤解しないでくださいね。誓って、私は真面目な日本人男性ですっ!..... かもね。(笑)

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