Thursday, January 17, 2008

Telephone Call

My wife got a phone call from a convenience store near my house yesterday. Apparently, my eldest son did something wrong there. As I mentioned before, he has ADHD, so he often act strangely. The staff of the store said that he had been reading some adult books there and trying to tear a couple of pages. Since he is already a 14 years old, it can't be helped to have such a strong desire as many young boys have. :D
Anyway, my wife rushed to the store and apologized to the store manager. The son did a great job the other day, the victory on the "GO competition", but he screwed it up by himself. When I got home and heard that news, I said to him like, "What you did is like what athletes win gold medals in Olympic games by taking illegal drugs, I mean, even though you did a terrific job, bad behavior makes a mess of the good result."

I'm rooted... X(



1 comment:

Special K said...

Hilarious. I've never heard anyone, except an Australian say "I'm rooted". haha, funny as.
Its very uncouth too, but thats what makes it funny.