Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quit Subscribing to English Newspaper

The English edition doesn't necessarily correspond to the Japanese one.

Since I'm very busy at work these days, I don't have enough spare time weekdays. So, I can't help but to cut down the time to study English everyday, but I'll NEVER cut down the time to drink. Honestly, I like study English, but doing something too much is stressful even though I like it, especially when I'm busy at work.
I mean, I've just decided to call off subscribing to a weekly English newspaper, which is called "Weekly ST." Plus, I changed my this year's aim to focusing on conversation skills, especially fluency. Let me write my diary colloquially as far as possible this year, most of the contents were already written that way though. :p

By the way, I don't know why I can't fall asleep tonight. As a matter of fact, I often don't have a good sleep after I became 40 years old. I really don't know why... However, I'm used to working with lack of sleep, so I think it's OK. Speaking of "lack", it's quite difficult for me to pronounce "lack", "luck" and "rack" correctly. There are also so many tough words in English to pronounce correctly - such as "low", "law", "raw", "row" and "roe." X(

この頃、仕事がすごく忙しいので、平日に十分な自由時間が無い。それで、毎日の英語の勉強時間を減らすことにした。でも、酒を飲む時間を減らすつもりは無い!(笑) 英語を勉強するのは、好きなのだが、たとえ好きなことでも、やりすぎるのはストレスが溜まる。とくに仕事が忙しい時は。

ところで、今夜は何故か眠れない。実際、40歳を超えてから、熟睡できないことが多い。何故だろ? でも、寝不足で働くことには慣れているから、大丈夫だろう。"lack"と言えば、"lack", "luck", "rack"を正確に発音するのは、すごく難しい。英語にはたくさんの発音が難しい単語がある。例えば、"low", "law", "raw", "row" "roe"など。(ToT)

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