Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sink into Drinking

This afternoon I'm going to my wife's hometown to greet my parents-in-law for the new year. That's a kind of tradition that I have to do every new year season. They always prepare nice meal and a large amount of alcohol for us. Besides I have to go to Umeda, a northern part of Osaka city, tonight in order to have a reunion with my old friends, who work for the computer company I used to work for. Of course we are going to drink a lot there. I MUST get fat during the new year season because of tons of nice meal and a huge amount of booze. :)


expensive Japanese sake


Akira said...

Ah, sounds like you're having fun! Don't get lost in the city!!

You know, I'm kinda discovering how similar our New Year celebration are, you know between chinese and japanese poeple.

I've never seen my flatmate do some much cleaning till recently.. haha!! I think he's a typical jpns guy, before i thought otherwise..

I hope we get to meet when your not so busy...

plow7010 said...

Yeah, I'd like to meet you in person in the near future!
How about in the night of the 19th? Please email me later when it's convenient for you.

Akira said...

anyday is good,
provided you have time.