Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

a new year card

Happy New Year. Be counting on you this year!
May the new year bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Let me try to go on writing my diary here in both English and Japanese as long as I can this year!




Akira said...

Ah.. thx for the New Year greetings. I hope you have a better and more prosperous New Year, lets hope hope for fewer accidents. (^-^)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Takashi! I hope you have a great New Year! You and your family are always welcome at my home in California! My new years resolution is to read your blog more often, theres so much good info here! Stay away from scissors!


Malcolm Carey said...

Happy New Year Takashi! I hope it's a great one for you and your family, and that there are no problems with scissors or anything! I'll see you soon for Bryan's party! I like your website, by the way!

All the best, Malcolm

plow7010 said...

Hi Akira, same to you.
Yeah... I hope so, too. (^^;
Basically, I don't want to get injured any more, but my busy job won't allow me to work without accidents. It can't be helped....(ToT)

plow7010 said...

Hey Bryan, I'm glad to see you again the other day!
Let's paint the town red on the 3rd! Thank you very much to allow us to visit your home. I promise you that I WILL go to your hometown in the furture. But I don't know so far when it is because I MUST feed 3 expensive kids as you know! haha-!

plow7010 said...

Hi Malcolm, Thanks for visiting my blog!
Yeah! I'll see you soon at the party. i'm sure it'll be a crazy party! Come here again when you have time to spare.

Best wishes,

Kayne said...


plow7010 said...