Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paper Tiger

The newspaper says that the largest opposition party "Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ)" rejected the measure to send Japanese self-defense force to Indian Ocean in the House of Councilors the other day. However, the bill has been passed later in the House of Representatives by the ruling coalition. I don't know why DPJ decided to refuse it because it's an important mission for international contributions. The party looked energetic and powerful when they won the latest House of Councilors election, but now they look like a paper tiger. Actually there's a a Japanese idiom "張子の虎" similar to "paper tiger". The meaning of "張子の虎" is totally the same as "paper tiger." What a coincidence! :D

新聞で見たのですが、最大野党である『民主党』は参議院で、自衛隊をインド洋に送る法案を先日否決したそうです。けれども、その法案は、後で、連立与党によって、衆議院で可決されました。なぜ、民主党が、その法案を否決することにしたのか、よくわかりません。直近の参議院選挙で彼らが勝ったときは、エネルギッシュでパワフルに見えたのですが、今は"paper tiger"のようです。実は、日本語の表現で、『張子の虎』というのがあります。その意味は、"paper tiger"と全く同じ!なんという偶然。(^^♪

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