Saturday, January 05, 2008

First Lessons and Party

The English edition doesn't necessarily correspond to the Japanese one.

Actually I expected to go out somewhere alone yesterday, but after all I spent most of my free time surfing the Internet at home all the day in order to collect information regarding the places suitable for English cafe. Some public community halls seem like good places as far as I searched on the Net. After that, I emailed one of the management centers some questions-such as whether or not it's OK to hold English conversation classes there.

And now I'm going to NOVA this morning to take some English lessons for the first time this year. And then, I'm going to visit my female friend's house this afternoon to have a new year party together. Don't get me wrong! Some foreign guys and a Japanese lady are also going to come! Not only her and me! Besides she is too nice for me.... haha... It's kind of flattery. :-P
If have time, I'd like to see off my American friend at Kansai international airport, who gets back to the United States this evening. How busy I am! :D


さて、今朝はNOVAで今年初めてのレッスンを受けます。そして、午後は女友達の家に行って新年会です。誤解しないでください!数名の外国人や、日本人女性がもう一人来ます!彼女と私だけじゃないのです!それに、彼女は私には素敵すぎます・・・なんちゃって・・(笑) ちょっとお世辞っぽいかな?(^^♪

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