Friday, January 04, 2008

Lucky or Unlucky?

Last night I had a really great time with the whole gang of my friends, including some foreign guys, in the party held for the American guy I mentioned yesterday. Actually, I know my English skills, especially speaking skills, are still not good enough to do business with foreigners, but I'd like to do that someday. On the other hand, I often have a chat with non-Japanese in English, that's to say, I'm a little good only at casual talking, and so I'd like to master particularly polite and business English this year.

Now, I'm thinking how I should spend my free time today. I wasn't going out today until this morning but my wife recommended that I go away tonight. She seems to want to relax at home without me because she doesn't have to prepare anything to eat for me when I'm out. Could it be that I'm a kind of nuisance for her? X( By the way, "nuisance" means a person or thing is in the way of someone, right? Anyway, I can go out alone tonight and spend my free time doing something nice. However, I wonder if I'm lucky to be able to go out freely or not...LOL


さて、今日の自由時間をどう使おうか考えています。今朝までは、今日は外出しないつもりだったのですが、嫁さんが私に今夜出掛けることを薦めるのです。どうやら、私抜きで、家でリラックスしたいみたい。だって、私が外出するときは、何も食べ物を用意する必要ないからね。ひょっとして、私は妻にとって邪魔ものなのでしょうか?(>_<) ところで、"nuisance"というのは、人の行く手を遮る邪魔者という意味ですよね?とにかく、今夜は一人で出掛けて、自由に時間を使うことができる。けれども、自由に出掛けることができるのが、はたしてラッキーなのかどうなのか・・・(笑)


オーキッド said...

Well, I am sure you will be able to enhance your English command(^^♪

Hope we can share the opinions each other this year as well!!!!!!!
I am happy that my busy Year-end and New-Year is finally over(*^_^*)


plow7010 said...

Hi オーキッドさん,
Are you sure? (^^; Anyway it depends on how hard I study it, of course. I'm not sure that I can do that.
I envy you because your busy season has ended... I'm still busy at not only work but also private, but it's OK with me. If I didn't have anything to do, my life would become boring.