Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Unhappy day

The English edition doesn't necessarily correspond to the Japanese one.

I'm so tired that I could sleep for a month... Honestly, I'm really "beat" because of the long holiday. As anyone who took a long vacation for the New Year, it's quite tough for me to work very hard this week. I'm worn out, exhausted, wiped out, super tired, and "dead beat". haha... Actually I just wanted to use the adjective "beat", that I've studied recently on the Internet. According to my dictionary, that's an informal word that has the same meaning as "exhausted."
By the way, do you know what day today is? A super great Japanese guy was born 45 years ago today! So he had been said that he was already on the wrong side of 40, but he will have to say like, "I'm on the right side of 50.", from now on. X(

めっちゃ疲れてます・・・ほんまに、長い休みの後の仕事はキツイわ。まぁ、誰でもそうでしょうけど。しんどい、疲れた、だるい、けだるい、どえらい疲れてる・・・(笑) 実は、ネットで知った新しい単語(形容詞)"beat"を使って日記を書きたかっただけ。(^^♪ 私の辞書によれば、非公式な単語(スラング?)で、"exhausted"と同じ意味らしいです。
ところで、今日って何の日か知ってます?超偉大なる日本人が、45年前の今日に生まれました。(爆) 今まで、彼は『40歳過ぎてます』と言ってましたが、これからは『50歳前です』と言わなくちゃいけませんねぇ。(>_<)

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