Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Laptop

new laptop
The English edition doesn't necessarily correspond to the Japanese one.

Since I'm very busy at the factory and preparation for a new English school that's going to be opened in March. So, I decided to buy a new laptop because the previous one died last year, in order to make some documents in my factory's office when I have some spare time. To be honest, I wanted to buy a "MacBook Air", but I couldn't wait for the release, so I couldn't help but to get a Windows laptop instead. Actually, it was my first time to use Windows Vista. How short today's diary is.....

工場だけでなく、3月開校予定の新しい英会話スクールのための準備で忙しいです。なので、工場での空いた時間に、ドキュメント作成をするべく、新しいノートPCを買うことを来ました。前のノートPCは去年壊れたから・・・ほんとのところは、MacBook Airが欲しかったのですが、発売を待てませんないので、代わりに、WindowsのノートPCを買わざるを得なかった。実は、Windows Vistaを使うのは、これが初めてです。(^^♪ あぁ、なんて短い日記・・・


yukki said...

Why didn't you buy MacBook or MacBook Pro?! They are much better than PCs!

My 4-year old iBook G4 died this week, too... I must buy a new one soon. I was thinking about updating my laptop, so I suppose this gives me a good opportunity to do it, but it's going to cost me... (T_T)

plow7010 said...

Hi yukki,
Yeah, I wanted to buy Macbook, but I don't have enough time to try it because I'm super busy. Actually, I'm going to establish a new English school near Kansai international airport in March or April.
I've just read your blog. I'm sorry to hear that your laptop died.