Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving and Go on Diet

Thursday, November twenty third, two thousands and six

Today, November 23rd, is 'Labor Thanksgiving Day' in Japan. It sounds similar to 'Thanksgiving' in the USA.
According to some web sites, 'Labor Thanksgiving Day' was established as a national holiday to spread the importance of labor in our minds, appreciate all workers, show respect for labor. And also, this day used to be called 'Niinamesai' or 'Harvest Festival' until the end of World War Two. New crops, such as rice and sake, were offered to Amaterasu-Ohmikami, the Goddess of Sun, and the other Shinto gods with gratitude by the Emperor while he eats and drinks. This tradition became standard in the 7th century and is still performed in the Imperial House.

As for me, I wasn't honored by any family members of mine today, though. (ToT)

To change the subject, it has been about three months since I quit smoking and I have gained weight like most people who quit smoking. My body weight was 65 kilograms before I quit it; however, the current one is 71 kilo!!!!!! Hoooooooooly Coooooooow!!!!! Hell's bells! Darn it! Damn it! I've just decide to go on a diet for real! Let me become a nice middle. :)

establish = become standard (maybe...)
Labor Thanksgiving Day: 勤労感謝の日
do something with gratitude: 感謝を込めて、do something
the Imperial House: 皇室
honor(verb) someone = show respect for someone (perhaps...)
To change the subject: 話は変わりますけど・・・
like most people who did something: ~した人のほとんどがそうであるように・・・
Holy Cow!!!!! Hell's bells! Darn it! Damn it!: なんてこった。(Damn itは、rudeらしい。)
for real : seriously(真剣に)

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