Sunday, November 26, 2006

Event and Phrases

Sunday, November twenty sixth, two thousands and six

My wife asked me to take two of our kids somewhere to make our eldest son concentrate on his study this afternoon. Actually, he has to take the final exam(term-end examination) that is going to be carried out next week. When it comes to our children's tests, my wife become the most education-minded mother on the planet. :-p

Anyway I had to take them somewhere, so I went see the International exchange event, that is held in Rinku Town, a town which is very close to Kansai international airport, at this time of the year, with my third son and daughter. Plus we got together with an Australian friend of mine there. There were so many foreigners in the event place that I had to speak a hundred languages. :)

After I got back home, I saw a couple of interesting English phrases on the email newsletters that I often read on my cell phone. Let me introduce them to you.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterward.

Marriage halves our griefs, doubles our joys, and quadruples our expenses.

Very funny! But exactly true! Sounds fascinating! I'm so curious about such interesting and useful English phrases, actually. As for me, I'm often said "Act your age! You're more trouble than a child!" over and over again by my master, who is what is called my wife..... haha.

concentrate on something: ~に集中する
when it comes to something: ~のこととなると、
at this time of the year: 毎年この時期に
afterward: [adverb]後で
halve one's grief(s) : 苦悩を半分にする
quadruple one's expense(s): 出費を4倍にする
fascinating: とても面白い、興味をそそる
be curious about something: ~について知りたがっている
As for me ....: 私といえば...
Act your age.: 歳相応の振る舞いをしなさい!
be more trouble than a child: 子供より手がかかる
over and over again = many times(???)
what is called something: いわゆる~

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