Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SoftBank would Lose

Wednesday, November Fifteenth, two thousands and six

I've heard of a lot of news related to new businesses of an information-technology industry giant lately. The company is famous for software supply and managing a famous portal web site, Yahoo Japan, and also has a professional baseball team in Fukuoka prefecture.

The organization has started some new projects in networking service category recently.

One of them is cell-phone service that was set up by the acquisition of vodafone's subsidiary. Actually, the number portability system has just started in Japan though a little too late. The cell-phone service provided by SoftBank seemed to get a number of new customers on its new cheap fee structure at first, but they caused a serious accident on their network system built for contract of the service.

In addition, they launched a social networking web site in Japan, a Japanese edition of Myspace, by tie-up with News Corp. In Japan, mixi is the most popular, famous, and multifunctional SNS, so I personally think the Japanese version won't succeed even though Myspace is the most largest SNS service in the world. The reason? It's very easy. Anyone who works in IT industry is expected to know why I think so.

acquisition: 買収
subsidiary: 子会社
though a little too late: 遅まきながら
a number of: 大量の(many)
tie-up with: ~との提携
be expected to:~するはずだ、 ~すると期待される

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