Saturday, May 27, 2006

Real Reason of Windows Vista delay

May 27th, 2006

It's said that the release of Windows Vista, which is the next version of Microsoft Windows, is apparently late. And MS delayed it many times. I really don't know the real reason of it, but I guess it's late due to Apple Computer, Inc. I don't mean Apple disturbs MS, don't get me wrong. :) Apple released new Macintosh with Intel chip as you know. After that, MS is required to refine Windows Vista, I guess.

Actually, I used to be a computer programmer of the OS which is designed for an embedded device. From my point of view, Windows looked so heavy even though most of PCs are installed fast CPUs, plus the reliability used to be very poor. On the other hand, MacOS X is based on UNIX and used to be the OS for NextStep. It was brought to Apple by Steven Jobs when he came back to Apple, if my memory serves me correctly.

To be honest, the design of MacOS X is more excellent than the one of Windows, as an ex-programmer for OS. If the performance of Windwos Vista is poorer than the one of MacOS X, it's the proof MS designed wrong. Because both OSs should be able to be installed in the same hard ware environment.

I suppose the designers of Windows Vista are trying in a mad rush to refine it in order to achieve the performance as well or better than Macintosh with intel chip. That's the real reason of Windows Vista delay. haha. Just kidding.

I'm personally worried about the security of Windows Vista, because I guess they are arranging the kernel of Windows in order to speed up. If so, I'll have to wait and see for a while, and I'll never buy it until they release "Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista". hehe.

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jd said...

Hi Plow,

I think almost everyone has an unfavorable opinion of Microsoft products. My computer is running Windows XP, but I try to use as many non-Microsoft products as possible (like Firefox instead of Internet Explorer..

Windows XP is a major improvement over the previous Windows versions, but the Mac computers I have seen do look better and run faster... I might eventually switch. It's interesting to know that you were involved in programming the Mac OS.

Take care,


plow7010 said...

Hi jd,

Me, too. I always use Firefox or another web browser. And I might buy the PC which supports the dual boot of MacOS and Windows.

See ya.

Anonymous said...

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