Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yagura fetival

The Yagura festival was held in my city over the last weekend. It's one of the most dangerous festivals in Japan, I suppose. As far as I know, this festival derives from wish for a good harvest as well as the Kishiwada Danjiri festival.

my friends and me in front of a YaguraIt had been fine for all days of the festival, so we was able to have such a wonderful time. On the last evening of the festival I invited an Australian friend and an American friend to my place for seeing the festival together. Let me upload the picture of the three of us my wife took on the day. But I reduced the image not to be recognized who they are because it's kind of their personal information.

Anyway.... I'm so busy these days, due to the recent festivals - such as PE festivals and the Yagura festival, that I have few time to study English. Those events are killing me! I'm really worried that my English skills have dropped down drastically. Because I couldn't speak English so well with the native English speakers I spent the last evening of the Yagura festival together. :(


Makiko said...

Hi, Pro. You really like festivals. I am amazed because you participate in festivals. You have foreign fiends! I'm envious. Today, I went to VOICE. I spent many hours there. My second favorite teacher gave 4 VOICE classes, so I had fun. Especially, I enjoyed Jeopardy. Today's categories were Movies, Countries, Crimes, Food. The teacher made lots of Jeopardy questions using his ad rib. He is smart!

plow7010 said...

Hi Makiko,
I'm glad to have your many comments there.
Actually I don't like those festivals that much these days. There are many responsibilities during the festival days - such as taking care of young people. However, I'd like to introduce such interesting Japanese custom to my foreign friends as far as possible.

Anonymous said...

Test of posting a comment by myself(Takashi)

Anonymous said...

you are so busy... my english was terrible today.

in fuct ive never gone yagura festival in despite my hometown..

from osaru no monkichi

plow7010 said...

Hey osaru no monkichi,

Thanx for your first comment on this blog space. I'm really glad to look at it. :)
I've just posted another article which is related to the yagura festival. Please have a look if you have time.