Friday, October 06, 2006

PE festival at Junior High & My Wife Got a ....

junior high sports dayLast Saturday I went to the junior high school to which my eldest son belongs, in order to see the PE festival, which was held in good weather. I got suntanned thanks to the good sunshine. :)

Now that my eldest son is a junior high school boy, he didn't want us to come there. Because most parents who have junior high school students tend not to come to school events - such as PE festival and cultural festival. However, my wife was eager to go see his PE festival, so I had no choice but to obey her order, because she is what is called my master. :)
Anyway, he won the first prize on the footrace(running a race) which he competed with 5 other students.
He seems to succeed his mother's fast footwork since I'm a slow runner.

I was surprised to see my study buddy's car at an intersection in front of the junior high school when I returned to the school after dropping my third son and my daughter off at the swimming school to which they belong. What a coincidence!

To change the subject, my wife has just got a part-time job! She had been keen to work outside for a long time because she had been bored with housework(chores) and wanted to keep her youth by working with many people. Now that all our kids basically require less care, I'm all for her working.
Anyway, she has just started to work as a part-time cook in the cafeteria of a company near Kansai international airport. Her job is great in that her co-workers and she can bring home the cooking ingredient left. Now that our children eat us out of house and home, it's efficient for us. Actually, she was very lucky because there were 20 applicants for the job even though the company had recruited 2 employees. How lucky she was!


Makiko said...

You are under the thumb of your wife's. I'm sorry for you. Your English blogs are easy to read because you write key words in bold.

plow7010 said...

Hey Makiko,
Thanks for your comment! I think you wanted to say "You are under your wife's thumb.(女房の尻に敷かれている)", right? :)
I was just kidding. I'm really the breadwinner in my family. She can't be alive without me, actually. :)
On my blog space I type those words in bold letters which I want to memorize.