Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reason I like IRON MAIDEN

Sunday, October twenty ninth, two thousands and six

Yesterday I went to the English school to which I usually go Saturday. I was supposed to write down this article yesterday before I visited there. After I told an English teacher of mine that I'm going to see IRON MAIDEN's concert tomorrow, he asked me why they are my favorite rock band. I thought at that time that I should have written this post yesterday morning. Because if I wrote it up, I could have been able to explain adequately the reason I love IRON MAIDEN so much. :(

Let me note down the points I like them below.

First of all, I respect Steve Harris, who is the leader of IRON MAIDEN and a member of the founders. Most of their songs was written by him. From my point of view, he likes reading novels [which are] hard to undestand very much. Therefore almost all of his lyrics have a lot of difficult and hard-to-understand information and messages - such as contemporary serious themes and social problems.
And next, all of their songs never fade out. I mean, the songs end properly to play good performances on live shows, although many rock'n'roll songs tend to fade out when they are recorded, just in my opinion. Besides, the rhythm of their music changes abruptly and dramatically by means of drastic methods.

Anyway, I'm going to Osaka-Jo hall(Jo means "castle" in Japanese) very close to Osaka castle tomorrow, in order to see their great play. It must be exciting! According to some web sites, Lauren Harris, who is the eldest daughter of Steve Harris, is going to support her father's great rock group as the opening act. And apparently, the greatest heavy metal band on the planet is going to play all songs of their new album, which was released last month and ranked in the top ten of the Billboard album chart for their first time. I've never heard of such a big try, playing all songs of an album in a concert. As far as I know, it's the maiden attempt in recent rock music scene.

To tell the truth, I was longing for seeing them. I can have a reunion with them tomorrow! I'll have a hard time falling asleep tonight. :) Anyway, I intend to upload my impression of their Osaka Live this week! (^_-)-☆

Besides, ....
= In addition, .... (?)

I was longing for seeing them.
= I was looking forward to seeing them. (?)
= I was being eager to see them. (?)
= I was being keen to see them. (?)


makiko said...

According to your description, IRON MAIDEN's songs sound nice. What is the title of their newest album ? I'll check it out at a CD shop. Ryrics seem interesting . Plus, you think it can stand the test of time.

plow7010 said...

Hey Makiko,
Thanks for often leaving ur comments here. Its title is "A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH" as I've posted an article related to it on my blog space before.