Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wish List

Sunday, December seventeenth, two thousands and six

Yesterday, one of my English teachers, one of my study buddies and I discussed our wish lists, in order to ask Santa Claus to get us those stuff.

I really want a lot of hairs... These days I've been extremely worried about getting bald. Many of my friends and acquaintances often say to me, "You can't complain because you're already on the wrong side of 40. There's no way you could get a nice girl friend if you had much more hairs." That's true... I can't help getting old... orz

If Santa Claus got me something nice, I would ask him to present me much more time. Since I've been pressed for time lately, I don't have enough time to practice my English. I'm anxious about getting bald as I've written above and besides, I'm really worried that my English skills are getting worse. Plus I'm not able to recover from my fatigue completely nowadays due to my hard working... I can't help getting old... again.... haha-!

Anyway, I have no choice but to study English at my own pace.

I can't help getting old: 年を取るのは仕方ない。-> 年には勝てない。
be anxious about something = be worried about something(?)
recover from one's fatigue: 疲労から回復する
have no choice but to do something: ~するしか(選択肢は)ない。

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